Versatility (post S2 fic)

Not sure exactly how/where we're supposed to share fanworks.
I feel odd just sticking the entirety of the text here, but I'll post the artworks that have been made for my fic, as well as links to read the fic itself.

"I did it for you, Clem. For us. We're free now."

Not Overrated
It's Not That Easy

DA Links/Credits for these artworks: &

The story can be read at these locations:
FanFiction.Net || Archive of Our Own || DeviantArt

The purpose of this fic is to explore the sister-like relationship potential of Jane and Clementine, and to show that after how Season 2 ends (or can end, you could say), that it wouldn't be a clean-cut buddy-situation, but something that would take some time and effort to recover from.

If there's a theme to this story, it's that in order to survive in the world of TWD, everyone has to become a shitty person, and everyone has to find something or someone to keep them going.

Please keep this thread about the fic itself, not yet another debate shitstorm in the Jane vs Kenny crap. Most of the comments I get on this fic pertain to this, and it defeats the point and misses the key theme of the final episode of Season 2.

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