Tales from the Borderlands Season 2(Fan-Fiction, ongoing)

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So this is just a teaser, I want to get some feedback to see if you guys are interested, here is the intro...
Tales from the Borderlands Season 2
Episode 1: Wings of the Wicked, INTRO

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Marcus: “You’re back again? You must have enjoyed my other story so much… Very well, I will tell you another Tale, from the Borderlands…"

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Marcus: Throughout the Borderlands, there are all types of life. Hyperions, bandits, skags, but for our story, we look upon the bounty hunter. Armed with what guns he found, (And purchased from Marcus’s Munitions… No refunds!), his marksmanship and attitude to his work made him a reliable man for any job. He was not alone of course. The borderlands would turn any man insane if he travelled without company. But one day, his name would earn him a job that would change his live…Forever."

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The masked man strutted through the abandoned village in the Badlands. Piles of dust and broken homes remained, but he was not here to admire the sights. A target, clues of what will get his payment for the contract. In the middle of the waste a hanged man sways above the lone sands.

Lorne pulls up his EchoCOMM from the inners of his jacket, making contact with the employer.

Employer(Niles): “Lorne! Buddy pal guy chum… What’s up?”
Niles had a thin high pitched voice, even though he annoyed the hell out of Lorne, he was paying him.

Lorne:”There’s a deadman hanging at the lo-cal” Lornes voice is muzzled from the mask.

Niles:”Oh jeez, yeah that was probably Larry, he likes to hang people, yeah… I told him to see a psychiatrist about that”

Lorne:”Did he?”

Niles:”Yeah… but he hanged him”

Lorne:”Well that’s… horrible”

Niles:”I know! Who would’ve thought that was gunna happen!... Anyway, if that guy was hanged recently, then Larry is close by. Keeps those eyes open, and keep him, alive or you ain’t getting the full payment. Also, I've got another job when you're back, big bucks!"

Lorne ends the call, switching out his EchoCOMM for his Jakobs pistol, nine rounds. He walked up to the swaying man, aimed the revolver up and shot the rope. As the body fell, a swift cloud of dust flew past from the ground. Lorne kneeled down over the corpse and searched him. The man was a bandit no less, but something was odd about him, in his jacket he found a bundle of notes, looked to be torn and tattered from a notepad. Lorne took a few moments to read the words, but they didn’t make much sense as the pages were out of order. But the words that repeated over and over were “Taken… Deal… Vault”

Vault was the word that widened his eyes. But what would a bandit know of a Vault? It made no difference, he moved on. The village was on top of a hill sight, overlooking the Badlands. Lorne went to the edge and peered over and away in the distance. A few Skags were fighting over some bones, north. Towards the east his eyes caught a man walking on a railroad by a station.

Lorne made his way down the hill and on to the tracks, his eyes set on the lone man, now waiting at the station. His revolver still at his side, he strutted on the tracks, his boots cracking along the rusted metal. The man knew he was approaching, that’s why Lorne didn’t shoot him in the leg. He came up to the station and the man continued to stare east, waiting for his train.

Lorne:”You Larry?”

Larry:”Yes.” He faced quickened, and peered at Lorne in a second.

Larry:”Do you have any rope?!”


Larry:”Urh. You disappoint me, more so than Diamond Quest 9”


Larry:”Hmm, what?!”

Another crazed bandit, maybe there was no train to wait for.

Lorne:”You left your buddy hanging up there?”

Larry:”No buddy, he was my buddy, but I broke his heart. Once I broke his heart, he died…”

Lorne:”You hanged him.”

Larry:”SHUT UP”

Lorne was growing tired of the chatter, it made no difference, this was his target, and he needed to bring him in. It would seem he couldn’t ask nicely.

Lorne raised his gun.

Lorne:”Get on your knees and-“


enter image description here

Krieg launched his buzz-saw into Larry’s face, turning it into a pulping mess.

The blood splattered and hit Lorne’s jacket.

Lorne:”I was doing this job by myself Krieg, it was a dead or alive one remember?”

Krieg ripped out his buzz-saw, kicking Larry’s corpse onto the tracks.

Lorne:”We’re gunna get half the payment now”


Lorne:”Krieg, we both handle the dead contracts, I’ve said before I handle the dead or alive ones….”

Lorne rubbed the back of his head, he was sweating.

Lorne:”Let’s just head back to Sanctuary”.
As Lorne turned away, he heard a sound coming from the east. (In the background of the game, this song would begin the play, and when the lyrics hit and the train makes impact, is when the intro fully starts)

enter link description here


Lorne turned back and all that came was the train, driving through Larry’s corpse, sending across the tracks.

(Intro begins, slow motion and that stuff, Krieg is cheering and chanting, Lorne is face palming)

enter image description here

(Intro continuing, the camera pans past the front of the train showing “Tales from the Borderlands”. The intro continues with the song, Krieg and Lorne are taking a selfie with the Larry’s corpse on his EchoCOMM. The next shot shows them heading up to Sanctuary. End of Intro)


    enter image description here

    The two chums arrived at the flying city and headed straight to Moxxi’s bar. They moved inside, the bright lights and classic tune welcomed them in.
    enter link description here

    Lorne:”Take a seat Krieg, I’ll get us a drink, what’d you want?”


    Lorne:”I’m not sure they have that here.”

    Krieg found himself a booth, twitching as he went over. Lorne instead went to the counter to get some drinks.

    Moxxi:”What can I get you sugar?”

    enter image description here

    Lorne smiled under his mask, no one made Moxxi’s bar better than Moxxi.

    Lorne:”A Gargle Blaster and a large Brick's Fist”

    Moxxi:”Sure thing sweetie” Moxxi turned around and grabbed a few cups. Everything she did was seductive. She was playing a game every time the bar opened.

    Lorne:”So How’s business been Mox?”

    She began to fill the first cup.

    Moxxi:”Oh, same as usual really. Had a fight here yesterday, when some, ‘asshole’, brought in a Skag and filled the thing up on alcohol”

    Lorne:”Any mess?”

    She picked up the second cup and latched it under the counter.

    Moxxi:”Not really, well, some poor girl got her jugular ripped out”

    Lorne:”You seem pretty calm about that”

    Moxxi:”Hey, it happens.” Moxxi smiled and handed over the drinks.

    Lorne turned, drinks in hands, and all he saw was Krieg rubbing the front of his face aggressively.
    There is probably a lot you don’t know about Krieg. Some of you have heard about the voice in his head, but if you haven’t, let me tell you. Krieg used to be a sane man, but unfortunately, as like all things, Pandora got the worse of him, some bad…Horrible things happened to him. Luckily he hasn’t lost all of his mind...yet. The person he was, still floated around in his mind, keeping Krieg from doing bad things. Sometimes you could tell the voice tries to speak through Krieg’s tongue. Lorne was happy when he could hear him.

    Lorne:”Here’s your drink buddy” He sat down opposite him, stirring into his seat. The cushion was sticky from spilt drink.

    Krieg:”I AM THIRSTY!!!”

    Lorne:”Me too pal” The two clanged their glasses together. The sound went in rhythm with the music in the background. While they waited for Niles, Lorne took the chance to talk with Krieg.

    Lorne:”What’d you think this next job is? Niles seemed to think we’d be earning a lot more than we usually do”

    He took a sip from his glass, stirring the liquid in his mouth.


    Lorne:”No, can’t be that. Though that would be a great idea”

    As they drank, another character came into the bar.

    Niles:”Well if it isn’t my two favourite serial killers!”

    enter image description here

    Lorne:”Nice to see you Niles”

    Niles:”You too… Hello Krieg”


    It looked like Niles was about to cry.

    Lorne:”So… Kr-… We, killed Larry”

    Niles:”You killed him?... Marlos men would’ve wanted him alive… You got any proof?”

    As Niles sat down next to Krieg, Lorne pulled up his EchoCOMM and showed the picture. Captioned, #SorryNotSorryHeBeDead.

    Niles:”You two sure have fun don’t you?”

    Lorne:”We try”. He took another sip, longer than before.

    Niles:”Here’s five hundred each, enjoy” He lumped the cash on the table, but before the companions could stash them, Niles continued to talk.

    Niles:”Like I said on the COMM, this next job is gunn’a earn you some”

    Lorne:”Who we doing a job for, and who we killing?”

    Niles:”No name, and no killing actually. He’s gunn’a come in a few to explain himself, but I know that it involves smuggling”


    A pair of footsteps came through the door, one was light, the other heavy.
    Lorne turned to his head. Seeing walking past the counter were a small child wrapped up in a cloak, and a tall, broad man with a chiselled, and hard face. Niles stood up to leave, but first leaned over to say something to Lorne.

    Niles:”Here’s your man… I’ll leave you to it. Oh, and Lorne, You keep true to this man on the job, like you always do. Understand?”

    Lorne finished his drink and forced the glass into Niles weak nimble hands.

    Lorne:”Yeah I understand plenty.”

    Niles wretched out of Lorne’s grip and headed to the counter, nodding at the pair entering.

    Donmar:”You must be my men”

    enter image description here

    Krieg:”I AM NOT A LADY GIRL.”

    He put on a wicked smile.

    Lorne:”Feel free to sit”

    Donmar:”I won’t be long” The child was standing next to him, it looked small in comparison. It looked like a girl from what Lorne could tell, her face masked, she also look like she was struggling, like she was forced to be here. He knew what he was smuggling.

    Lorne:”Where we’re taking her?”

    Donmar:”Hmm. You catch on quick… Good. I need some smarts for this. I got in contact with Niles, said you be the best for this… Not sure about this, ‘thing’”

    Krieg:”I AM THE DENTIST”

    Lorne:”He’s the muscle. He’s fine for the job”

    Donmar:”Good. Well, you’re gunna get hunted, Hyperion, bandits, maybe some other gangs… You should be fine. Anyway, you’re taking her Eridium Bright”

    enter image description here

    An odd place to go, he thought. Not much there but bad Eridum.

    Lorne:”Who we giving her to?”

    The girl stirred and shrugged, but Donmar kept her still.

    Donmar:”Some of my people will be there to collect her”

    Lorne knew better than to ask what for. He could ask the girl when they were on the move.

    Donmar:”We solid then?”


    He let go of the girl, and began to walk backwards.

    Donmar:”Oh, and don’t go off track… If you, do. You die”

    Lorne:”No threats needed”

    Donmar:”Oh. They are” The man left, taking the tension with him.

    The girl looked nervous, still shaking.

    Lorne:”Sit.” He didn’t have time for chat.

    The girl sat, did as she was bidden, she was next to Lorne, for obvious, psycho reasons. Lorne grabbed her on the shoulder, pinching her cloak.

    Lorne:”You. Are cargo. We are not your saviours, we will not free you, we are not your heroes. We are bad men collecting another pile of cash… We clear?”

    Anaiya:”Yeah…” She looked be around ten, he couldn't tell.

    Krieg:”STATE YOUR NAME!!!”

    The girl jumped in shock.


    Lorne:”Well that’s a fun name to pronounce… Krieg, get us a vehicle ready, I’ll get us some new gear from Marcus”

    Krieg ran out of the bar like a madman high on coke.

    Anaiya:”He’s scary”

    Lorne:”You’ll get used to it… When you’re with him, don’t piss him off, don’t insult him. He’s my friend, and he needs me… And I need him”


    enter image description here

    The two companions and there cargo made for the road, driving through the Frozen Waste, the snow slowed the wheels, making the journey build up on time. Krieg was driving… of all people he was surprising good at it. Lorne was sitting at the back of the truck, his revolver still hand, shining it. Anaiya was just a few seats in front of him, looking between the boarded windows, out to the icy waste.

    Something felt strange when he looked at her. All cloaked in tattered rags. Hiding every bit of her. Lorne thought she might be some gang leader’s daughter, trading for a ransom. Eridium Blight would be the place for that. Not many tread in that abandoned waste, and Lorne had only a single interest of going there. Money.

    Anaiya:”Is this road safe?” Innocently she spoke.

    Lorne stirred in his seat.

    Lorne:”No roads are safe on Pandora.”

    Anaiya:”You always speak like that?”

    Lorne was taken back by the comment.

    Lorne:”Like wha-?”

    Anaiya:”Like a depressed monkey who ran out of bananas”


    Lorne:”That’s… Very, specific”

    Krieg:”SPECIFIC!!!” She shrugged.

    Anaiya:”That’s just what I see.”


    Lorne looked out the windows as well.

    Lorne:”He’s right on that one” His eyes squinted at the girl, something rubbed him wrong about her.

    Lorne:”Why are we taking you? For ransom?”

    She shrugged.

    Lorne clenched his jaw.

    Lorne:”We’ll be on the road for a while, we’re gunna need to know”

    She turned round on her seat, looking a tad annoyed at Lorne. The first thing he noticed was her scarf. It was covering some sort of bump that went along and around her neck.

    Anaiya:”You didn’t ask Donmar”

    Lorne:”I don’t like to piss of the person who’s paying me. You. Are cargo”

    Anaiya:”Can you stop calling me carg-“

    Krieg:”MEAT PEOPLE!!!”

    Lorne:”Wha-“ Lorne knew immediately what Krieg was calling for. Lorne stood from his seat and rushed up to the front of the truck, looking out of Krieg’s view.

    enter image description here

    (Make sure songs ends/pauses once the battle is over),

    enter link description here

    Lorne:”Shit-Three of them coming over the hill” Lorne twisted to Anaiya. “Get that crate open, pass me the Torgue rocket”

    Anaiya:”Got it.” She jumped from her seat and opened up the heavy loot crate, lifting out the Torgue rocket launcher.

    The three cars were making their way closer, the two smaller ones would hit both sides of the truck, and the larger vehicle would wait back. This wasn’t Lorne’s first encounter with bandits.

    Anaiya:”Hmph, here” Lorne took the launcher out of her hands, and she headed back to her seat.

    Lorne:”Krieg, open the door”


    The front door opened violently with the wind, slamming against the right side of the truck. Lorne attached himself to the door frame with a metal grip and a hook that was attached to his belt. The wind and the snow hit him like a brick. He nearly fell off if it weren’t for the hook. The two cars were down the bottom of the hill and making their way fast towards the truck.

    Lorne:”Time for Torgue” Lorne perched the rocket on his shoulders, aiming at the right car.

    Lorne:”3…2…LOCK AND FIRE”

    The missile fired out, split into two and hit the wheels of the car, sending it flying in the air.

    enter image description here



    Pieces of metal flew past the truck.


    Lorne:”Hmm?” The other car was coming, it turned sharply and shot a few stray bullets at the truck. The bullets bounced off the metal.

    Now the car was behind them, and the big truck was sitting at the top of the hill. Lorne quickly analysed the situation.

    Lorne:”Krieg shut the door. Let me know when we’re at hill” He marched towards the back of the truck, Anaiya’s worried eyes met with his.

    Lorne pulled back the metal sheet off the rear window, he had to duck from the bullets that hit inside the truck.

    Lorne:”Shit-shit” He tried to stand back up to shoot, but gunfire stopped him from rising.

    Lorne:”I can’t get him!-Krieg I need th-“Suddenly a rocket hit the wheels. The truck surged through the air, flipping in the process. It took a few seconds for the truck to finally hit the ground. It rolled and landed on its side, knocking Lorne out.

    It took a few moments but Lorne finally woke up. He was still inside the truck, and so were Krieg and Aniya. But she was knocked out, Krieg was trying to shake it off. As he started to realise what was happening, he could bandits pulling at the door.
    Lorne managed to get up, and pulled out his revolver.

    Lorne:”Keep that door closed Krieg”

    Krieg:”AYE-AYE CAPTAIN MEAT BAG” He began to push at the door, his back forcing at the metal, keeping it closed.

    As Lorne moved towards the back of the truck, he kneeled down to Anaiya.

    Lorne:”Anaiya?...” He shook her. “Anaiya?”

    A bandit emerged at the rear window that was smashed to pieces.

    Bandit:”Skin pizza!” He pulled out a knife and started to beat at his chest.

    Within a second a bullet from his revolver found itself hurling towards the bandits head and out the back of his skull, sending bits of brain and bone on to the snow.
    Lorne crawled out of the rear mirror, dodging the shards of glass shattered on the floor. Lorne pressed up against the back of the truck, he peered around both corners. On the left was nothing, on the right were two bandits and a psycho bashing at the door, and the large truck sitting at the hill.
    Eight bullets… That was enough. He made the first shot, firing the entire clip within a few seconds sending three corpses to the ground, and painting the truck a bloody red.

    Lorne:”Krieg! Out, now!”
    The truck on hill started reigning machine gun fire on them, Lorne managed get back behind the truck. Taking in heavy breathes as bullets scattered past him.


    The door smashed open and Krieg threw himself out. He charged at the truck and the gun fire stopped.

    Bandit:”Oh shit it’s Krieg!... Johnny!.... DRIVE!!!”

    Johnny:”URRRRRH!!!!!” Lorne had never seen someone drive away so fast.


    Lorne appeared from the back of the truck, nodding at Krieg with a smile.

    Lorne:”Check the carg-… Check on the girl. I’ll see what loot we can pick off”

    Krieg rushed towards the front door of the truck, heading inside to comfort the girl.

    Lorne:”What a great start…” He said to himself, beginning to load his clip he found from one of the bandits.

    Krieg:”SHE IS OK”

    The voice in his head. Lorne thought.

    He threw the revolver back into his jacket after the loading the gun, and then went inside, nearly smashing his head on the door frame. Anaiya was opened her eyes, clearly dazed by the incident. Her eyes met with his.

    Anaiya:”Please help me.”


    enter link description here

    Night had begun the settle over the Frozen Waste, with an open sky and even colder winds. Lorne and Anaiya were sat down by a warming fire, their breath chilled like ice. Krieg on the other hand was on watch, sitting on the edge of the cliff, away from the fire, swinging his feet, enjoying the sight, he had his bag with him as well. He kept very personal things in there, and Lorne’s only see a few of those things.

    Anaiya’s amount of clothing that covered her up, kept her warmer than Lorne could even dream of. He instead had his hands near-touching the fire.

    Lorne:”So you can’t even tell us, why you can’t tell us.” Lorne was growing tired of the girl, she wanted help, but she couldn’t say why. His eyes didn’t met hers. He gazed at the cool fire.

    She shrugged.

    Lorne grinned. Why should he even bother to ask? This was cargo, probably a ransom, it made the most sense. Money. That’s what Lorne needed, money, not problems.

    Krieg:”MY SOUL IS HUNGRY!!!” He cried, twitching and squirming on the cliffs edge.

    Anaiya turned round in a jolt to see what he shouting about, he didn’t make sense to her. She looked back from him, and at Lorne.

    Anaiya:”Why’s he so craz-?” Lorne broke her off.

    Lorne:”He’s not.”

    Anaiya:”He seems lik-“ He raised his tone.

    Lorne:’”He’s’…Not” Sharp like an icicle was his tongue.

    Anaiya reconsidered herself, seeing as it wasn’t playing well.

    Anaiya:”I’m sorry.”

    He rubbed the stubble under his chin.

    Lorne:”S’alright. You don’t know him. Not many people do”

    She looked at Lorne, her sweet and child eyes were a reassuring sight in Pandora.

    Anaiya:”How…How’d you meet him?”

    He leaned back, pushing himself a bit away from the fire.

    Lorne:”You know Krieg was a Vault Hunter?”

    That took her back, and she got all excited, like hearing a story from a grandpa about the war.

    Lorne:”Hmm… He didn’t use to be… He was just some, ‘psycho’ going place to place. But there’s this one day where he’s doing his business, just… Roaming around. And then, he sees someone. Some woman, and his first thought isn’t to kill her, but to help her, and ask for her help with him”

    He leaned forward, back to the warming fire, rubbing his hands.

    Lorne:”She was a Vault Hunter, a Siren too. And… She helped him. Took him in and she helped. He joined the other Vault Hunters and found the Vault of the Warrior… And after they defeated the monster inside… They found a map leading to other Vaults, hundreds dotted around the universe. They all decided to hunt for them and get the treasures inside, but… All the Vault Hunters thought Krieg was unreliable”

    Krieg turned his head to listen. Lorne didn’t know he was.

    Lorne:”The Siren fought to keep him in the group, but everyone else sided against her. ‘He’s sick. Demented’. They said he didn’t belong with them….He didn’t fit”

    Anaiya:”That’s horrible.”

    Lorne:”Yeah… Yeah” He said, thinking back, looking to the ground.

    Lorne:”Then there’s this one day I’m in Moxxi’s. Just having a drink at my booth, and I see Krieg walk in. I’d never met him, but I knew of him… And he’s going up to each person in the bar.. asking them to put a bullet through his brain. And he actually says it, he doesn’t shout it like he normally does, cause the voice inside his head wanted to die, but Krieg didn’t… And each person says, ‘No, get the hell away from me you psycho!’… Then he asks me. And I asked why he wanted to end it, and he say’s… ‘Please help me’… Just like how you did earlier today. He was scared to be alone… So instead of giving him the gun… I gave him a drink”

    Anaiya smiled at that, so did Lorne.

    Lorne:”Ever since then he’s been my friend. My only friend I got left on this place”

    Anaiya:”You think this planet is a bad place?” She said, genuinely curious. He nodded slowly.

    Lorne:”Of all the things people said about the guy… Handsome Jack was right about one thing… This place is just full of monsters now... Pandora should’ve been torn off a long time ago…”

    Lorne wanted those words to sink in to the girl. Her whole life was going to be on this planet. It was better she knew what world she was living in.

    Anaiya:”Can he control what he says?”

    Lorne shrugged.

    Lorne:”Sometimes… Not often though”

    Anaiya shifted herself around to look at Krieg. He was still facing and sitting on the cliff side. Smiling, yet nervous she stood up and went over to him. She could hear him talking to himself as she walked closer.

    Krieg:”She-Her fault…Bloody tears-She-“

    He felt someone tap at his shoulder. He twisted, surprising the child, sending her to the ground.

    You hurt her you fool, help her. DO IT NOW. The voice told him. Krieg knelt down and opened his palm to lift her up.

    The little girl looked up with her sorry eyes.

    Krieg:”STAND ON YOUR FLESH SKATES!!!” Her tiny hand, shaken and weak reached for his bare, large, scarred palm.

    Anaiya:”Thank you” She said, wiping the snow off her cloack.


    Anaiya:”You weir-… Hey if you do that, I’ll tear one of limbs big guy!” Jokingly she pushed him.

    She’s trying to be nice, she can help you, just like how Lorne is helping. The voice told him.


    She grabbed his hand and started to skip to the fire.

    Anaiya:”You’re coming too!”

    She dragged him along as tried her hardest to hop over to the campfire.

    She certainly has some magic in her. Lorne thought, grinning.

    The two came over and sat down warming up from the cold.

    Anaiya:”So, what are we doing tomorrow?” She said, stirring around.

    Lorne:”Well. We’re gunna find a new vehicle. Just need to find a Digi-Struct and we’re all good”

    Anaiya:”After that?”

    He knew what she wanted to hear, but that wasn’t what was going to happen.

    Lorne:”Well, we should be able to clear the Frozen Wastes… But, since we’ve run into some trouble, and I imagine we’re gunna run into more. People that not even Krieg can scare off... We need more fire power, explosives… And I know a little girl who loves explosions, and ‘she’, owns me a favour”.

  • Thoughts?

  • Holy shit! And you pulled all that out of the back of your head? Love all the visual and musical additions, too.

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  • Cheers man. I've planned the thing out for five episodes. Beginning, middle and end. There is alot to learn about our characters.

    I'm just waiting to see if there is enough support from people if they want it to continue :)

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    Holy shit! And you pulled all that out of the back of your head? Love all the visual and musical additions, too.

  • That's a great story, Bro Fist

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    The three unsorted companions found themselves driving through the Tundra. The cold waste and baron lands, among the Bullymongs and bandits alike. With the digstruct they used, they had a classic bandit vehicle, thinking it would help with some cover. Krieg on the back holding the turret, Lorne driving and Anaiya staring away into the snowy blizzard.

    enter image description here

    Anaiya:”Great weather” She said, wiping the snow off her bandana, the one covering her neck.

    Lorne:”I’m not sure how Tina lives here”

    Anaiya:”That the ‘little girl’ were looking for?” He nodded.

    Lorne:”She’s friends with the Vault Hunters” Krieg twitched at that.

    Anaiya:”So why isn’t she with them now? Rather than being in the snow?”

    Lorne:”We’ll find that out I guess. But that’s not our main concern, weapons, equipment is what we need. Didn’t think we’d be getting hit like that. Might be that people know we’re smuggling you” She seemed unsettled by that.


    Lorne:”I’m sure that we’ll find out”

    The car starting to climb a snowy glazed hill, hitting a few bumps, Lorne wanted to get a vantage point.
    She looked at Lorne, observing his character, trying make him out.

    Lorne:”Why are you looking at me?” His eyes centred on the climb.

    Anaiya:”Why do you wear a mask?”

    Lorne:”Because it makes me look pretty” She chuckled, then stirred in her seat as they hit a bump.

    Anaiya:”You wear a mask all the time though. You hiding something?”

    Lorne:”Yes, I’m Handsome Jack. I never died, I’ve been hiding this entire time, infact, I use Krieg as cover up so no one will think I’m Jack”

    Anaiya:”Very funny”

    Lorne:”I've got... Scars... I'd rather not show, they're ba-“ The car went a stop as they hit the edge of the hill.

    Anaiya:”What is it?”

    Lorne:”Bandit’s at Tinas” Lorne looked from seat of his car, spotting five vehicles. Twenty men armed to the teeth waiting outside. They didn’t strike Lorne as the bandit type. Out of Tina’s workshop came three men. Two twin brothers, one in red, and the other in blue. The man in the middle was a face Lorne recognised.



    Lorne:”We did a job for him before we met you. Not a nice man”

    Anaiya:”Did you the job wrong? Is that why he’s here?”

    Lorne:”No… That’s what bugs me.” He clenches his jaw, thinking. “We’ll let them leave, then talk to Tina”
    The engines of Marlos troops began to rev up.

    Marlo:”Back to base boys! They ain’t here!”

    A few minutes after the squadron left, the three of them took their car down to Tina’s front door.
    Anaiya jumped out of her seat on to the snow.

    Anaiya:”So what’s this Tina girl like?”
    A loud bass can be heard coming from inside, slowly rising in volume.

    Lorne:”See for yourself. Krieg, can you stay outside, watch out for any trouble?”
    Lorne wanted him to stay outside for a different reason.

    Krieg:”YES MR MEAT BAG”

    Anaiya went up to the door, being a bit hesitant to open it, Lorne pushed it open, and the bassline blew off some of the snow off the door hinges.
    Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom, boom boom….
    Lorne walked though with Anaiya at his side.

    A little girl with a switch in her hand was dancing around manically.


    enter image description here

    Tina:”Lorne! My shawty warty! What’s up?- Oh… Who, who is this?”

    Lorne:”This is-“

    Tina:”Did you get a new Tina? Am I not fabulous enough for you?... I am ashamed, and appalled by your behaviour sir, you’re are uninvited to Tiny Tina’s Tea Party, the Sequel.”

    Lorne:”I came to ask for a favour-“

    Tina:”Oh. So that’s how it is. You throw me out like an old dog, show up with a new one all-in-my face and ask for a FLAVOR?!?”


    Tina:”Well why didn’t you say, come in shawty. Want some tea?”

    Lorne:”Na I’m good. Tina, why was Marlo here?”

    Tina:”He asked if I’ve seen two men and girl. Said some of his guys ran into trouble with you on the road. You killed quite a few apparently. Up top!”

    Lorne gave her a high five.

    Anaiya:”How’d they know we would be heading here?”

    Lorne:”That guy Krieg scared away, probably followed us until we digistructed our car, saw which direction we’d be heading and went back to Marlo…”

    Tina:”I said you guys came here but went on going. Don’t worry shawty, Tina got ya back. Anyway, you want some gear? I got some, but you gotta stay for tea. What’s the very clothed up girl called?”

    Anaiya:”-… Anaiya” She stood there nervous.

    Tina:”Tina. Nice to meet you, wanna see something cool?”

    Anaiya:” Sure” She smiled, Tina led her through her house, Lorne followed through with it.

    The three walked through the snow glazed hallway and found themselves in a large hall with statues.

    Tina:”Dis, is the Vault of the Hunters! Catchy name right? Brick helped me set it up, it’s all the famous Vault Hunters, from Athena to Roland. I’ll show ya”
    Throughout out the hall were an array of Vault Hunters, Lorne knew them all, so he wish he didn’t.

    Tina:”Dis, is Brick. He my big bro, he my fav. We got Lilth next, she awesome, but bros before hoes, oh, she a Siren aswell, she cool, like cool cool.”

    enter image description here

    Anaiya:”She looks badass” She smiled in admiration at the statue of the punk-rock Siren.
    enter image description here

    Tina:”We got another Siren as well, we’ll get to her though. The next lot of VH’s, that’s what I’m calling them now, are the ones who did that stuff for Jack. And only two of them are alive. We got Athena, that girl wid that shield, ClapTrap, that robot who no likes, no one at all, Timmothy Lawaernce, he was Handsome Jacks body double. He died I think at Opportunity? Think the VH’s killed him, we got Nisha, she died aswell, a shame, she was really awesome. Anyway, on to the next VH’S!!!”
    The three continued to move on.

    Anaiya:”This is fun…” She said under her breath to Lorne.

    Lorne:”Don’t worry we’ll be out soon”

    Tina:”Here is Zer0, that ninja gu-“


    Lorne:”Krieg. I told you stay insi-“

    Tina:”Krieg! I didn’t know you hanged with my shawty! Come on over, we looking at the Vault Hunters, you’re on here too!”

    Krieg happily prances over to the statues.

    Krieg:”WHERE I-“

    He stopped. As if the whole room was still, not even the breeze of the cold could be heard.

    He walked closer to the statue. A pretty woman, blue hair and beautiful eyes. He came closer and closer, raising his hand to her cobblestone cheek.
    enter image description here
    The Siren he fell for, the one that saved him, and the one that tried to keep him together…
    Krieg was so close to Maya’s statue that the stone figure could feel his breath. He rested his head on to the top of hers, embracing her, smelling her, seeing her… But it was only stone, and he knew it. His hands shook viciously, he grabbed the statue and threw it to the other side of the room, smashing into pieces against the wall, shards of stone ricocheting across the hall. He stood there, his hands still shaking.



    The anger, the man inside spoke. He stormed out, kicking the remains of Maya across the room.

    Lorne:”… Sorry Tina”

    Tina:”It’s ok… I get it. The gears in the back” She smiled, trying to keep the happiness in the room.

    Tina:”It was nice meeting you Anaiya, I hope you’ll be ok”

    Anaiya:”Thanks” She said, rubbing at her neck through her bandana, at the thing around her neck, the reasons she was here.

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