Jurassic world wishlist

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So... Jurassic world, no need for more speech but I shall continue to talk anyway. If you make Jurassic world, here are some things I would like to see-

I think we should see something like: Minecraft story mode, where we got to choose our appearance, but I would like to see the appearance system from fallout 4. It would be awesome to choose you style like that, and with that I think people should act different toward you depending on your character looks like.

I would really, REALLY LOVE to see the name system for fallout 4... "Mr.*uckface". Now it seems like too much work, don't worry I don't think they should judge your name they should just say it.

There is a catch to what I'm about to say... All episodes should be free BUT you either have to wait a week or a month (Telltales choice irony) until you can download the episode.

4.platform 'n' stuff
Jurassic park and world should be on console but only next gen (advising people to buy next gen), also Jurassic park should be like world, free, free episodes but you have to wait, therefor people wont be tortured by their parents.(us kids will want console moneyz but the parents wont get some) It needs to be like any TTG series... CHOICES!!!

5.Free-roam(leads to more things i want)
The free-roam thing is probably the biggest idea on the list... so this idea is gonna be broken into parts.

5.1 Story line
Free roam should be the main thing... as in everything you do in free roam should have to matter... before episode 1 you do tutorials on stuff you NEED, like, base building, hunting, resource hunting, bla bla bla... to activate episodes you need to go certain areas, to replay or rewind episodes just go to the pause menu.

5.2 Base
You need to choose a location from a certain area, that base is the main base. For certain parts of episodes or just episodes in general, you will certain house requirements. Please put effort in the base thingy.

5.3 Group
There will have to be people who start in the group, and people you will need to meet, but you should find other people for the group, though they're not used for the story it would be nice, finding other people in the outbreak is good, especially if they worked in Jurassic world.You can tell them to help you... but no matter what your doing there is a chance they will die, depending on the task depends on the chance.

5.4 Babies
You will need a girl/boyfriend in the outbreak, so here comes a dating simulator part... you don't do them or make-out... you to choose from: Hug her/him, kiss her/him or tell her/him something romantic. After two weeks game time, the female will be preggy, a cutscene will show the females point of view holding a baby, then you get to customize the baby and name him/her

5.4your occupation
your a double timer, as in you work at every job available in Jurassic world... that's all.

5.5 Pet Dinos
obviously... Here's where your science comes in, you can either make a hybrid dino or a normal dino, but it starts as an egg, so you make a better connection to your dino, you name it (obviously) and if you make a hybrid you choose what it looks like and its adaptions and bla bla bla... -OR- you can find a normal or hybrid dino, to tame the dino is up to tell tale, because i cant think of a way. Also depending on whats on the back, or a part that you can mount......... [SIGH] you can mount the dino.

5.6 weapons
weapons, upgrades, attachments, renaming the weapond... bla bla bla...

                             That concludes the ideas I have for now, do you agree? Tell me what do you want to see that isn't on the list. BE RESPECTFUL!!! thanks, bye! ;)
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