Game of Thrones : Hardhome

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Hello and Welcome !
Let's jump right into the subject :)

This fic is taking place in Hardhome a litlle before the horrible events that are going to ocure here , In this intreactive Story ,
You'll get to chose the outcome for the characters through a vote, they might all die before the end or end up all alive , although That's unlikely and a very minime chance of that happening .

Will your characters survive those horrible events ? We'll see ... ,:)

Here's the link to submit characters , if you're interrested :) :

There will be 2 groups :

Group 1 :Night's watch

You don't particulary know or like each other but you all have something in common .
You know the night gathers and death is coming with it , you all know just like your lord commander
that if we don't unite our forces , the relm of men is doomed , That's why he picked each one of you to come with him
Some of your were rapers , killers,thieves or perhaps innocent
but that doesn't matter now ,What matters is what you'll do in the next two hours of your lives as Rangers of The night's watch .
Will you make everything to survive or
Will you sacrifice yourself to save your fellow brothers
or perhaps will you simply all perish under the wrath of the Others ?
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The submission of night's watch ranger are limited to one per person and might be closed if it reached it's capacity , I'm sorry about this but not that many rangers came in Hardhome :(

Group : Free folk

You all joined The biggest army the north has ever seen
to have a chance to survive the Winter ,
After the assault on Castle black , The King Stannis Send his army
and broke yours , you all have now fled to Hardhome,
an ancient fishing village, Some believe it was struke by a curse ,
soon enough You'll see that what we say about this place might be true ,
if not ,It's damn close to it .
Will you die for your family and kins ?
or Will they die for you to live ?
or perhaps will you all die here like your ancestors in the cursed place ...
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No restrictions on this one , feel free to submit as many as you'd like ,

I would also want to let you know that your characters might end up minor, and would just have few lines if not none
If i succeed at making and finishing this story , I'm planning of writing two other stories of the same type :The first one being the Red Wedding and the second one , in essos , in the arena when Daenarys is attacked by the son of the harpy .But that's waaay ahead .But let's begin and finish this one first :)

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