The Walking Dead: A New Era (Interactive TWD fanfiction)

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Hello guys... I couldn't keep myself and made a new fanfiction.. I'am sorry with the GoT fanfiction. Well In this story the PoV characters will change time by time, but the main protagonist is Aaron Cooper. When the apocalypse happens he is at work in New York. He lives at Bakersfield, California and his mission is to go to his family alongside with his friend Edward Michael. But this ain't gonna happen that easy with evrything out there who wants to eat or kill you. In this story the readers will have the chance to vote and remember. The story is tailored by how you vote ..!


''Characters in BOLD are PoV characters''

Characters waiting to be introduced: Maximillion Phoenix, Mario McCall, Raymond, Jack Brown

Characters introduced: Aaron Cooper, Edward Michael

Characters deceased: Daniel

Characters unknown:

Episode 1 - The Beginning of the End (Ongoing)

Chapter 1 - Uninvited guests (Ongoing)

Chapter 2 - Take no prisoners (Coming Soon)

Chapter 3 - Long Day (Coming Soon)

Episode 2 - Dark Forest

Episode 3 - The dead highway

Episode 4 - Bakersfield

Episode 5 - No man's land


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  • I've submitted a character!

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    I'm down, I'll make a character. If anyone is interested in more interactive stories, you can check mine out at:

    Sorry if it seems like I am advertising, but I really would also like to contribute to this storyline as well. Time to make ol' Raymond kick some ass.

  • I suggest you use google fourms for your character submission asim makes things easier. (don't have to)

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    I'm down, I'll make a character. If anyone is interested in more interactive stories, you can check mine out at: https://www.telltalegames.c

  • Thanks, man. I'll check that out.

    I suggest you use google fourms for your character submission asim makes things easier. (don't have to)

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    I suggest you use google fourms for your character submission asim makes things easier. (don't have to)

  • Hey, i'm in! Submitted a character :)

  • Episode 1 - The Beginning of the End

    Chapter 1 - Uninvited guests

    Lately in the afternoon at New York, like always the traffic was very congested. The sunset was just starting. Aaron was coming from his work from a high school. It was just another exhausting day for him in a boring day. The 31 year old history teacher was listening the radio ''Stay at your home, I repeat stay at your home and don't go outside''. Aaron just arrived at his apartment at the 3rd floor in a building that it's with 8 floors. He opened his door and it was all littery, clothes were here and there, slize of a pizza was on the desk of the computer. There were only 3 rooms - the hall where they eat, sleep, watch TV, the kitchen and the bathroom. The window over his bed was opened to half and one sock over it. Aaron dropped his bag down and while falling the bag has opened and all of his books fell. He turned his head to the bag ''Why am I so reckless, but I don't have to worry because is friday, celebrate ... uhh''. He left himself over his bed and fell over it. He opened the TV and there were ''BREAKING NEWS''. ''Don't go outside, lock you doors,windows, Stay inside''.

    ''I would be very happy to lockı it but I have to sleep and hell it's 8PM and I am sleepy, when Edward's gonna come?'' He get up and closed all of the 3 windows and locked them. No matter how much he doesn't wanted to sleep one moment he closed his eyes and with a slow music he fall asleep. Some hours after midnight someone hardly knocked on the door.

    Aaron awoke from the loudly knocking. He get up, wear his navy blue jeans and walked throught the door. ''Who is it?'' Aaron called from inside. ''It's me Edward, open the goddamn door NOW!''. He immediately graped the door handle and opened the door. Edward went inside with a anxiosly face looked at Aaron and smashed the door. ''It's happening, oh oh oh oh Aaron take what you need and let's get the hell out of this place''.

    ''What is going on? What is happening? Edward talk like human what is the problem?'' Aaron touched his shoulder. '' You know that I'am working at a research laboratory. We have made some tests and a new virus is lurking at our planet. We are calling it the Z-virus. We've made a test over a dead human body and what happend? BUM after some hours he awoke. Can you believe it? A DEAD BODY..! and now the virus is spreading very fast. Most of the death people are infested and after some hours the undead will start to lurk at New York. Take your things and let's go.

    After a couple of hours they were ready to head out. Aaron looked from the window down and saw people out, most of them are still human but some are the undead. ''Aaron come on whenever you are ready we are heading downstairs.'' - Edward took his bag and a pistol. '' If you're carrying pistol that means things very much in trouble, do you even know how to use it?' Aaron made a hidden smile. '' Noo! '' They have started to smile and laugh.

    Edward opened the door and it was silent there. They started to walk from the stairs. They have ariived at the 1st floor and looked outside from the building. There were dying people, the undeads were lurking, people who tought the undead as a human. They went outside and saw Edwards car was in flames, but for they luck Aarons car was very well. while running towards the car someone stoped them '' Give everything that you have and maybe I will leave you to live.'' - This boy was Daniel, a 19 year old boy that was Aarons student. ''BAM'' - a hole showed at the boys head, Edward pulled the trigger. '' I'am sorry but we have to survive. If it means to kill I will do it.''

    They get up on the car ''From what road we get out?'' Edward asks Aaron. ''First from I-95 highway than to I-80 and we make it out of here and go to Bakersfield.'' - Aaron starts the engine then he starts to drive the car. They're so much people who need help but eventually they can't help them. The made it to the I-95 highway, for their luck there isn't much traffic and they drive faster. But when they get to the I-80 highway, things starts to go to shit. at the bridge that is over the Passasic river has been a acciden. They can barely move on and the undead are coming. Aaron starts to drive but there are so many cars, people and undeads he can't drive and crashes himself to a car that flips over it and turns opposite and falls in the Great Piece Meadows.

    After a couple of hours Aaron wokes up and sees Edward that is outside fighting with walkers. Immediately he tries to get his knife from his back, but the woung that happened at the time of the accident that is at his leg hurts very bad. Finnaly he finds the knife but when Aaron look from the window outside he sees that the walker is over Edward ''Nooo Edward!!''. Without wasting anymore time he opens his door and gets out. When he tours the car he sees that Edward it's not dead and fires with his pistol at the head of the walker and kills it. But the other walkers heards the pistol shot and starts to go towards them. ''There is no time to talk Aaron, start to run I'am coming behing you''. Aaron looks at him but unfortunately he isn't able to see any wound at him. They start to run and Aaron it's not looking back. When he turns his head Aaron sees that Edwar fell on the ground and fires to the walkers....

    [Go back and save Edward] [Leave him to safe time for yourself]

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