The Walking Dead: Abandoned (Interactive Story, Accepting Character Submissions Here)

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Foreword: Hey, everybody. I was a writer here a few years ago, but I'm back and I hope to help provide interesting chapters in a dynamic, interactive story in which you may submit a character to. Updates to the story will occur in the comment section.

The story will take place at the beginning of the apocalypse; characters can be accepted later in time.The story will actually change and develop to voters choices.

Submit characters to be included within the story in the comment section. The more you write about the character, the more I can captivate his personality and his image, which will allow me to better convey them to the audience, although if you prefer to only write a paragraph on them, I understand. Character Submissions will be submitted through this web-link:

Add in as much additional information as you feel is right, again, the more you have, the more I can accurately portray your character.

Accepted Characters: Asim,

Characters Yet to Appear: Asim,

Alive Characters:

Dead Characters:

Characters With Unknown Status:

The Series will begin once we have an adequate number of players. Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date on new chapters in the story!


  • Here's my character, just so you guys can get some ideas.

    Name: Asim.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: Eighteen.

    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian; of Russian and Turkish descent.

    Personality: Selfless; cares more about others lives than his own. Optimistic; prefers to see the good in a situation in able to boost the morale of those around him. Does what he believes is right; although he cares for the people around him, he will not be willing to conflict with his personal morals in making tough decisions. Overall nice person; as long as you don't mess with him or do something he perceives as unjust, he will always have your back. Humanist; still holds all of his faith in his fellow people.

    Appearance: Basically, my profile pic. A Caucasian male, with grey eyes, a grizzled beard, a black patrol cap, and all black and grey clothing from there, excluding the color on his tee-shirt, which, too, is mostly black, except for the design.

    Pros: Great at convincing others to side with him. Intelligent. Good at calming down fights or situations that escalate. Took a first aid course.

    Cons: Hates firearms (this may cause him to not be as accurate or proficient with firearms). Can be very vocal about his opinion, which may invite conflict.

    Medical Conditions: Has post-traumatic stress disorder; effects include nightmares. Has bad migraines every now and then; effects include dizziness, pain, or weakening of sight. Broke both bones in his left arm a year ago; though it has healed, his right arm is still dominant.

    Background: He grew up in Seattle, but after his father died at the young age of 9, he was put up for adoption. Unfortunately he was not adopted, and when he finally reached the max-out age for staying at the adoption agency he flew to Atlanta, Georgia, in pursuit of a job in his field of specialty. Two months after his arrival, the dead started coming back to life.

    Miscellaneous: Good with kids, as long as they don't get too loud. Cares a lot about oral hygiene. Hasn't got his drivers license yet.

    Weapons of Choice: A fire axe and a crowbar.

    Spawn Destination: Atlanta, Georgia.

    What You Consider Your Character: Protagonist.

    TTG Community Username: Asim_

  • Can I submit my character using the TT website?
    I ask as I am very careful about clicking on website links that I do not know about.

  • Its a survey on google docs basically asking you to fill in the info about ur character like he's done

    Kenny/Lee posted: »

    Can I submit my character using the TT website? I ask as I am very careful about clicking on website links that I do not know about.

  • I've submitted. Curios when it will start. :-)

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