Telltale Texas Hold'em Fan Art Thread

As I was listing off all of the fan art threads, I realized that Telltale's first game didn't get one. I've actually created some fan art for the game, but neglected to create a fan art thread when I made it, so I figured I'd correct that oversight and show Telltale Texas Hold'em a little love. I'm actually surprised how much they fleshed out Theodore Dudebrough as a character, and how they kept referencing him up until at least 2010 in the Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse mini posters, so he definitely deserves some love. He's pretty much Telltale's original character mascot (as he's the most fleshed out original character Telltale has so far, at least up until the Super Show comes out).

I made Theodore Dudebrough from Telltale Texas Hold'em on the 5 of hearts for the Telltale Deck 'o Cards Project back in April 2012. There's still a lot of cards and characters from every one of Telltale's franchise available if you want to join in on the card making, the more the merrier! The full size is card is available at my deviantArt page here.


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