Will there be a 3?

Love this game it has me hooked, would really love to see a Poker Night 3. Me and my friends even some family members own and play this game, even my girlfried whom hates video games has clocked over 100 hours on this game!! Ready for 3rd game in the poker series and a poker set would be awesome as well!!


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    edited December 2015

    Telltale's CEO Kevin Bruner has hinted in interviews that they intend to make more Poker Night sized games, but they didn't say specifically that they would make another Poker Night game. I wouldn't rule the possibility out though, since it seems that both Poker Night games sold pretty well.

  • Checking in to see if there's any news on a new Poker Night (at the inventory or elsewhere) is just about the only reason I stop by the forums.

  • Would be great if they made one multi player accross the internet. I miss old Flipside poker rooms.

  • Well, I have some things to say about the future of the Poker Night series.

    The games were both created during Telltale's production downtime, i.e. they were released Telltale weren't producing anything else to fill in the gaps. Considering how busy Telltale's current schedule is, with so many licensed games in production right now, Poker Night 3's future looks increasingly bleak. While people are still clearly interested in the series (just look at the number of comments suggesting characters in the Dream Roster thread), no where near as many people are compared to the numbers of people looking forward to, say, their Batman adaptation, or Walking Dead Season 3. I never lose hope for a future instalment though; it doesn't even necessarily have to be a Poker sim, but if it's set in the Inventory, it pretty much counts as being part of the same series.

    I think that there could be a third visit to the Inventory some time in the future. Crossovers in video games have proven to be extremely popular recently, what Jason, Leatherface, the Predator and a Xenomorph's appearance in Mortal Kombat X making loads of people get crazily excited.

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