Lego Monkey Island sets - Support is needed

Do you love Monkey Island? Do you love Legos? Then do I have a deal for you! This creator over at Lego Ideas is trying to gather support so that Lego will look over his sets and possibly make sets based on the Monkey Island games. But he needs 10,000 supporters and needs all the help he could get. Supporting the projects is easy: you just have to be a registered member (Or you can log in with your social media profile), press the support button, fill out a short survey about the product in question, and that's it. And this is all free, AND could mean more Monkey Island merchandise! He has other projects based on more classic LucasARTs titles (Including one for Sam & Max which I'm definitely supporting) that he is planning to put up, and he'll need all the support he needs on those too. And again, all this is free. So offer your support, spread the word, just help this guy get 10,000 supporters on at least one of his projects.

Support this creator's works today :3

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