Requesting Writing Help on Game

I've been working on a dialogue driven web game for fun. It's very time consuming because I keep rewriting the dialogue as my writing skills improve. I'm looking for volunteer dialogue writers, so I can focus on the programming and art aspects of the game.

Intuitively, I think people like me, who love the dialogue in games as seen in a Bioware or Telltale title, would be a good fit. That's why this is the first place I thought to look in.


Here are some key points.

--- you can leave and join at any time: no commitment, schedule, or stress
--- all player choice is recorded, so the story can branch based on them
--- play as a detective on the first moon city, Andromeda, set in 2063
--- game logic is mostly done, I simply need to add more content (writing and art assets)
--- game,


Still skeptical? I've created a basic online dialogue editor called Banter (~10 minutes to learn). Here is a preview of what you will be doing: copy the data in this link (, and paste it in the load section of

If I haven't lost you yet, check out for details on how you can contribute.

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