Crazy betting and raising by the computer players

Would you for real bet 5000 and then someone else raises 4000 would you fold?

Also when you are down to just you and the computer would you continually bet 10,000 plus every hand?

And Ash Williams is impossible to beat.

And why is it in a showdown you got a pair of queens and the other has an ace and 7(would you go all in with an ace and 7?) you are winning until the last card is shown and suddendly the other player gets an ace and he wins? That really irriates me. And when you fold early the others bet, raise then fold. That happens 95% of the time.

And does the AI improve all the time? Been playing this for three days, I win a lot at the beginning but now I just lose all the time and glados keeps telling me how stupid I am.

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