Ranking tftb episodes

What is your ranking from favorite episodes to your least favorite episodes
Mine is
1. Vault of the traveller: great finale, one of the best things telltale has ever created. Amazing choices, amazing ending, it has a perfect balance between sadness and joyful was. this is a game episode. 10/10
2. Escape plan bravo: this is a very good penultimate episode, why does it get all the hate. It has some very hilarious moments, a lot of good atmosphere, great acting, and a great cliffhanger. This is a very good one. 9.2/10
3. Zero Sum: this is a very good pilot episode. Usually, pilot episodes are slow and are not so good. But this one is fantastic And will be remembered as the start of a brilliant video game. It has so many funny moments and it is just great. 8.7/10
4. catch a ride: a very good episode, it is actually great. It has probably the best acting from the entire game. We have Athena,handsome jack,gortys, you name it. A great cast. This is an episode that is very funny and has a very good storyline of choices and the story is very well done. A good one. 8.5/10
5. atlas mugged: a good one. Not perfect but it is memorable. It is the shortest episode of the bunch, but every minute something is happening that is memorable. Handsome jack, although really does not appear that much, is well done. Athena's introduction is very well done. You just have a lot of great moments. I just feel like it is missing comedy. I mean, I hardly laughed during this episode. But the drama and choices and the cliffhanger is excellent. Probably the best elements of telltale are in this episode. A good one, not perfect, but I defintly recommend it. 8.2/10


    1. The Vault of the Traveler: 9.8/10
    2. Escape Plan Bravo: 9.7/10
    3. Zer0 Sum: 9.5/10
    4. Catch a Ride: 9.4/10
    5. Atlas Mugged: 9.0/10

    Honestly, every episode was fucking awesome, it's hard to pick a favorite.

  • We had the same list

    * The Vault of the Traveler: 9.8/10 * Escape Plan Bravo: 9.7/10 * Zer0 Sum: 9.5/10 * Catch a Ride: 9.4/10 * Atlas Mugged: 9.0/10 Honestly, every episode was fucking awesome, it's hard to pick a favorite.

  • What a coincidence

    We had the same list

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    1. The Vault of the Traveler: 9.5
    2. Zer0 Sum: 9.0
    3. Escape Plan Bravo: 8.5
    4. Catch A Ride: 8
    5. Atlas Mugged: 8
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    1. Zer0 Sum - 9.
    2. Atlas Mugged - 8.
    3. Catch A Ride - 5.
    4. Escape Plan Bravo - 9.
    5. The Vault of the Traveler - 7.
    1. Catch A Ride - 9
    2. Zer0 Sum - 8.5
    3. Atlas Mugged - 8.2
    4. The Vault of the Traveler - 8
    5. Escape Plan Bravo - 7.3
    1. Vault of the Traveler - I dont even need to explain
    2. Atlas Mugged - Maybe it was the long wait, but something about episode 2 just feels great.
    3. Zer0 Sum - First episode, brought us into the story, was just a great pilot episode.
    4. Escape Plan Bravo - Another great episode, but I kinda missed Pandora, still great on humor and everything
    5. Catch-a-Ride - I don't know what happened, episode 3 had a great start, but once they reached the dome, the whole episode kinda fell off for me compared to the others, until the last act.
    1. Atlas Mugged
    2. Zer0 Sum
    3. Escape Plan Bravo
    4. Vault of the Traveler
    5. Catch-a-Ride

    I only rank Episode 5 so low because I had a myriad of glitching and technical issues during the last big action sequence that really took me out of the story. I actually paused it in the middle to try to give my Xbox a chance to catch up. Episode 3 is only worse because I feel like everything really slows down around the middle and just doesn't pick up again, there just isn't as much good stuff in it as there is in the other 4 episodes.

    1. Escape Plan Bravo
    2. Zero Sum
    3. Vault of the Traveler
    4. Atlas Mugged
    5. Catch-a-Ride
    1. The Vault Of The Traveller
    2. Atlas Mugged
    3. Escape Plan Bravo
    4. Zer0 Sum
    5. Catch-A-Ride
    1. Episode 5 - Fantastic episode, great story, and some of dem feelz. I loved every single moment of it except maybe five first minutes.

    2. Episode 2 - Short, but amazing. Definitely the one where I laughed the most.

    3. Episode 4 - Again, short but great. There wasn't much of Pandora though and I thought Vallory should have a bigger role.

    4. Episode 1 - The greatest pilot episode ever. I rank it so low because I have a grudge against when I lost my saves when I had problems with my PC and had to replay it twice and it kinda bored me lol.

    5. Episode 3 - Good, but not the greatest. It was funny, introduced Gortys and Vallory, had the beginning of TPS explained. But it felt long in the dome and also Rhysha (ugh.) but still awesome

    1. Atlas Mugged. I felt it had the best humor, music, intro, cliffhanger decision, and atmosphere. Definitely the one that solidified my interest in the game.
    2. Vault of the Traveller. Another great episode for intro and music, and one of the most powerful scenes I've felt in a game since the walking dead.
    3. Zer0 Sum. Great introduction to the characters and offered a good self-contained story.
    4. Escape Plan Bravo. Although I felt it short and aimless at times, the humor and freedom to play as hyperion undercover employees was well worth it
    5. Catch-A-Ride. An odd ranking for a rhysha shipper I guess. I still liked the episode and atmosphere, but this episode was where I felt the character development and plot start to drag.
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