did bone out of boneville ever got realsed on macs

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The reasen i askt because many websites like Vanbrio is gone( but i thack it naver exsted )claim bone 2 was made for os x. however steam does not have any mac os x port.
if telltale did realsed it on the mac os x platform. Why will there not reasered it. did there lost the rights for it; will if they did, Why not windows platform????.
i myself even checked all over torrent websites and found not find any refice to that game in mac os x platform i bought the 2 Bone games. with this code (For prove at bottom).

76561198067577760 to use in steam DP Because telltale made it clear there are not supporting pirates. or will not be talked about in this forums or telltale community.


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    Bone: Out from Boneville was indeed released for Mac OS X. But the Mac OS X port was published by Vanbrio, so Telltale doesn't have the rights to that version (and, unfortunately, since Vanbrio doesn't exist anymore there's no way to get a registration code for the Mac OS X port even if you did find the download).

    Bone: The Great Cow Race, however, was never released for Mac OS X at all.

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