Why does Vasquez treat a punch by Jack like it's a reward?

I just finished episode 2 of Tales of the Borderlands, and this has been the one question that's been lingering in my head. Vasquez basically says, " I use to be punched by Jack wheneber he passed by. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it." Then Rhys is like, "Oh, I'm SOOO jelly of you rn. All I got was spit on." What's up with that?


  • It's a running gag that Jack is essentially the man every Hyperion worker wants to be.

    And, any attention he gives you that isn't him killing you is a form of blessing.

    Classic Borderlands.

  • Its suppose to be kinda screw up humor, Vasquez thought he was important to Jack, the man everyone at Hyperion wanted to be like, and thought that him taking the time out of his day to always punch him was an honor.

  • It is a running joke that Handsome Jack is worshipped by employees of Hyperion and especially fans like Vasquez.

    So basically getting punched by Handsome Jack is like getting acknowledged and touched by God. :)

  • Jack has a personality cult built up around him that's very strong.

    In Borderlands 2, pretty much his entire private army worships him, and a lot of other people say "By Jack" rather than "By God."

    And in the Pre-Sequel, he constantly reminds workers of his "humble programmer to trillionaire fascist" story daily.

    He also has the charisma of nearly every other dictator ever, so people love him.

  • Wait, you wouldn't love to get punched by Handsome Jack? Weirdo.

  • Also remember: One time, Regina George punched me in the face. It was awesome from Mean Girls. Jack is ten times more to the Hyperion people what Regina is to whatever high school the girls were from.

  • Good ol' wallet head

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    So BasicallyBasically

  • I'd take Jack beating me almost to death as a blessing, to be real with you.

  • Because Hyperions consider being punched by their idol to be a good thing. They might think that violence is too good of an action to use on someone you don't care about.

    But Vasquez is mostly just a moron.

  • Personally, I don't want to get punched by anyone. ;)

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    Wait, you wouldn't love to get punched by Handsome Jack? Weirdo.

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    handsome jack is the regina george of borderlands

  • Well Rhys can say being spit on by Handsome Jack was great.

  • Because Handsome Jack is baller as fuck.

  • But being punched is nothing, he punched everybody even his own mother.

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    Wait, you wouldn't love to get punched by Handsome Jack? Weirdo.

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