Nothing Is Never An Option

Hey guys.

So, I was reading through a few Borderlands fan-fictions to get some ideas for my next story, and I just so happened to come across this amazing series.

It's titled 'Nothing Is Never An Option', and it proceeds with the relationship that Athena and Janey Springs soon develop after the events of The Pre-Sequel. I can't express just how well-written it is, and it had me hooked from the start (I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories).

It wasn't until I read all 4 chapters that I soon realized that the series had come to an abrupt halt, and had been left on a huge cliffhanger. Disappointed, I decided to private message the author in the hopes that I would get an answer to why the series was discontinued.

It was a long shot, considering the author hadn't published a new chapter in just over a year, but to my amazement, I received a reply the next day.

The best news that I could hope for. The series will continue, and the next few chapters will be published in the near future :)

So, now that you've listened to me ramble on, I'm making this thread to make people aware of this fantastic piece of writing. I strongly encourage everyone to check it out and help support the author by giving feedback and following the series.

I do not know the author personally, I just feel like a work of art like this should get the recognition it deserves. And since this awesome community is all about the Borderlands universe, I couldn't think of anyone better to share it with.

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