Was there anyone that didn't....

Kill Felix or Yyvette. Looking around I see that a lot of people had them killed. Is there anyone who didn't kill them.


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  • I didn't kill Yyvette, but I did kill Felix.

  • I didn't have the heart to kill either of them. I liked both of them, and even when characters I like do shitty things, I have a hard time killing them.

    That and both of the options came so quickly, I didn't even have the time to weigh my choices when I first played. I'm almost always 100% focuses on making sure no one dies. Maybe it's because of TWDG. I just don't like killing people.

  • I didn't kill Felix, but Yvette...
    My thoughts in the heat of the moment:
    I left her in her cell when that option was presented, but, for whatever reason, I didn't realize Helios was going down yet. I just heard her saying things like "I can help you," and "I'll die if you leave me here." I felt like she was being over dramatic and didn't feel any real remorse for betraying Rhys and Vaughn. So I was like "I'm not dealing with you right now, I'm in the middle of escaping with my REAL friends," and moved on.
    And... that killed her.

  • Well in my first gamethrough I killed Felix, I can't remember why but other than the reason I was pissed at him. However when I had to replay a couple of weeks ago because I lost my save files, I didn't.

    As for Yvette, I saved her because I always fall in love with the "bitchy" characters. (She never was really bitchy in my mind) but I just love her a lot so of course I had Rhys save her.

  • yvette died but felix lived a bullet saved is a bullet earned

  • Not me, I somehow managed to kill every determinant character in my first playthrough. Which is strange, because I usually try to keep everyone alive in the Telltale games. Whoopsie.

  • Answered your own question. "A lot" isn't all. ;) BTW I didn't kill either.

  • I left Felix alive (felt really good when I got 9,000,000 out of it :D who says good guys always lose (looking at you TTGOT)).

    I kept Yvette alive in my first play through and it was really nice having her around.

    Then in my third play through I got the brutal option: Tossing Yvette into a vacuum personally, seeing the fear in her eyes... it reminded me that the Rhys in that play through is f**cking scary sometimes.

    Cold, Rhys.

  • I saved Felix and got 9 million but killed Yvette

  • I'm not going to kill them, that's just wrong in my opinion, plus the most important thing is that I don't know their stories, they're reasoning behind their decisions - so I'm definitely going to save both, regardless of what they did, I don't feel I know enough about their own reasoning behind their decisions for it to be justifiable to let them die.

  • Didn't kill either. Somehow I could handle their betrayal but not the one in GoT. I didn't want to but let's just say I get too emotional and things get bad...

  • Didn't kill Felix, because he was still kind of like their dad, so my Fiona just couldn't deal with his death being on her mind.

    Guess I kind of killed Yvette? Left her in the cell, she deserved it for being two-timing, I guess?

  • Kept them both alive. I dunno, what they did pissed me, but it seems like most people here take betrayal a lot closer to their hearts than I do. Plus, I usually keep all the characters I can alive, even if I hate them (and I don't hate those two).

  • Spared Felix and it paid off big time. ;) However I killed Yvette because her rationalization was terrible.

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