Handsome Jack was a nice guy once ......

I know a lot of people dislike jack but as shown in borderlands the pre sequal he was a hero and his good side is shown in parts of tales from the borderlands if they bring out a season 2 do you think if you imprisoned jack he may help you in S2 what's your opinions


  • Jack is like a broken toaster. There was a point in the past where it was fine, but now it no longer produces finely toasted bread in the form of deeds, so it must be scrapped.

    I do not want anymore Jack-toast for season 2.

  • So was Ludd, Carver and the St. John's at some point. The past doesn't matter of you're so far gone. Jack never made it a real point to try to redeem or better himself.

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    Um, yeah. Here's the thing.
    Jack was a hero at one point, but like Athena said in the Pre-Sequel "And that is when the hero who saved us on Helios died".
    Having saved everyone once doesn't excuse the fact that he's a sociopathic mass murderer bent on conquering NOW. He butters you up by telling you that he's your partner and you'll get to rule Hyperion together. All lies to have you get him up there into the system and carry out his exoskeleton robot army. Not to mention that he was trying to shove one into Rhys' body. He doesn't think this is insane. He honestly thinks this is an honor or some sort.

    When you crash Helios and find him, he'll try to kill you AGAIN. I'm sorry but I think people are justified in not liking him.
    I like Jack. I really do. He's my 2nd favorite character. He's funny and a very interesting character that I found myself feeling sorry for at the end when he was giving his little "Everyone thinks they're the hero of their own story" monologue but I'm not gonna deny that his actions are destructive and he needs to be taken down. He had a good run but his time is up.

  • his good side is shown in parts of tales from the borderlands

    Okay but memes aside, it was all just an act. He was only showing his "good side" so Rhys would allow him to use his cybernetics and get him to Helios.

  • Lmao, I'm a Jack fanboy and even I know that Jack was never good, not even in The Presequel.

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