If I buy the episodes individually...

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...will I still get the collectors disk?

Cause I wanted to use my free episode from TOMI on episode 1 of Wallace and Gromit, seeing that the four episodes seperatelly cost like no difference as if you'd buy the whole package.And if I'd redeem my free episodes on like episode 1 of Wallace and Gromit, I'd rather buy all episodes individually, and thats why I'm wondering if I'd still get the collectors disk, cause buying the three that remains individually would be 26.85, and afford a lot more than buying the complete collection for 34.95 even though I got episode 1. (except of course, If I wouldn't get the collectors disk).

So, I hope you got what I'm asking :D

Thanks in advance,


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    ...will I still get the collectors disk?
    Yes, the store software notice if you have purchased all episodes of a series and then allows you to order the DVD for free. If not, send an email with your account information and the related serial numbers to the support and they will make that "free DVD" order option available for you. (At least this is what Telltale stated in the support forum for other games.)
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