Hint Use and Hardest Mission Discussion

Most of the time (my first time playing) I try to not use too many hints, if any at all. Although, lately on this one part I'm on, the part where you need to convince Doc to make his rocket drill, I've been spamming that hint button. I could not figure it out. Present Doc said maybe he could figure out what Past Doc was mumbling but I couldn't get to him to go to the jail. So, I was following Past Doc for hours trying to figure out what he was saying. Then I thought, maybe my inventory could somehow help me. That's when it hit me, the tape recorder! I could record Past Doc so Present Doc could hear. it took me hours to figure that out. What about you guys? Have y'all had a part where you just had to spam the hint button? Or have y'all never used it? What's your story of the hardest mission for you? And no, I do not like to look up how to do things, it ruins the fun.


  • I agree I have played all of the telltale games and finished all of them but not Back to the future. it's just makes me frustrated and annoyed.

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