Vaughns money

If vaughn can just get 10 million dollars straight away at the beginning, why doesn't he do it for him and rhys? He says he wants to get rich with rhys, so if he can just give himself 10 million, why hasn't he done it already?


  • Because he stole it from Hyperion. He may have the ability to just move around money, but he's not allowed to just take it, it has to be for business purposes. If Hyperion found out Rhys and Vaughn took a huge amount of money for themselves, Hyperion would kill them. Hyperion has killed for less (R.I.P. Richter).

  • Because he stole the money. And considering how a guy named Ricther stole a simple candy bar and his body is never found. Try and imagine what Hyperion would have done if they managed to capture Rhys and Vaughn.

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