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    I played and finished Soma, a game made by the same devs of Amnesia The Dark Descent. It's basically a spiritual successor to that gem. Soma had a good story, decent characters, good puzzles and great scares. The biggest problem I had with this game is that it's just one experience, with no replayability, no collectibles, no extra content, no more than just walking and interacting with the environment.

    I just learned that this game has 4 endings and my ending is a pretty happy one:

    When Simon and Catherine reached the ark and they are reunited together as humans.

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna check the other endings myself cause I do not feel like playing this game ever again. It doesn't even have any trophies for them.

    EDIT: My mistake. There is just one ending to this game cause I couldn't find any videos on youtube about the official alternative endings.

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    Replaying Red Dead Redemption 2 on xbox one instead of ps4. For most games I played recently, I've been seeing things I hadn't seen the first time. And after using the settings customization in Tlou 2, it made a good example of how to make games better suit my playstyle. So this game would be great for that, and would keep my mind off things for awhile.

  • I bought Resident Evil 5 which is the last RE game of the main timeline that I never played. I finished the first 2 levels of the first chapter and surprisingly enough, I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I'm playing solo and I was expecting to have trouble with partner AI and if I'm being honest, the partner isn't actually that bad as many said it was. Most of the time, she helped me more than being a damsel in distress. Still need to continue to make a full review but so far, it's just so much fun.

    One quick note: ignore what I said years ago about this game. My 16-19 years old self is an idiot.

  • Among Us! by InnerSloth LLC

  • Assassin's Creed Origins

  • I am about to get into The Evil Within franchise. Wish me luck.

  • Considered getting that for the backlog a week ago, but they didn't have the first.

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    I am about to get into The Evil Within franchise. Wish me luck.


    After a few months of pain and trying to 100 percent all three of the remakes, I have completed it.

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    Because of Demon's Souls Remake coming up in a few weeks, I am replaying Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin and I'll try my best to defeat every single optional/DLC boss that I still haven't beaten in the game. This game is pretty flawed gameplay wise but I just figured out how to avoid getting damaged while dodging attacks, which the game never bothered to guide me with for some reason.

  • Well shit, I don't think I am in the right mood to play The Evil Within, even if it's month of horrors. Not sure if it's just me but the controls aren't that great imo and the camera is so annoying.

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    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Holy crap, this game is indie art!

    Made by Lucas Pope, famous for the engaging Papers, Please -- this game has you play the role of an Insurance Adviser, sent to report the fate of the dead crew from the mysteriously-reappeared Obra Dinn.
    Using your magic pocket watch, you can travel back to the instant a person died, where you must keep track of people's faces, voices+dialogue, general whereabouts and cross-referencing them with crew manifests, artist pictures of each individual, and where they may have been during each event. (The goal is to put a name and cause of death -- sometimes even assailant -- to each individual death vignette).

    There's about 60 fates to uncover, and so far after about 2.5 hours I've only gotten 6 right.
    (The validation mechanic is interesting in that it only tells you and locks in what is correct in groups of 3 at a time.)

    The art style, music, sound design and all the audio cues are really freakin cool as well. Can't believe one guy made all of it! (Well, it did take him over 4 years.)
    I've heard this game can get very very hard, and I don't know if I'll be able to complete it, but I'm really enjoying just looking at it so far!
    chef's kiss

  • Watch Dogs Legion

  • I have been playing Portal 2 a lot recently. Like a lot-lot... to much

  • Badlanders and Project RIP

  • Me playing Project RIP

  • I recently played and finished a game called INSIDE. I bought it on sale and I completed the entire game in just a few hours which is kind of disappointing but the game in general is really well made. The story is confusing as fuck and the gameplay is very simple but the animations and the graphics are sooo outstanding. Without spoiling anything, the last level of the game was kind of gross and weirdly satisfying at the same time.

  • I'm debating on buying Little Hope just to see how terrible it is.

  • The Lego Ninjago Movie - The Video Game...

    God, this is such a fun glitch-fest...

  • At the moment, I play 6 different games (usually more, but don't have too much time now):

    Assetto Corsa Competizione - the best game to play if you have a steering wheel.

    Batman Series - love the whole Batman universe and this game is not an exception.

    Football Manager 2021 - as a kid, I was in a school soccer team, but my dream of becoming a professional athlete and then a coach didn't come true. So now, I just enjoy the simulated version of it xD

    Team Fortress 2 - my first online game which I still enjoy sometimes. It's really hard to find good free-to-play games that aren't actually pay-to-win, and Team Fortress 2 is one of those. Ofc, Valve sells tf2 items in order to maintain the game, but since it's just looks, I don't mind it at all.

    Fallout 3 - have never paid attention to this franchise before, but after watching The Book of Eli, I've become interested in the topic, and now I want to complete the whole franchise, except for the first two parts.

    Outlast - my favorite horror game of all times. Already finished it, but while awaiting The Outlast Trials, I've decided to kill some time recalling the beginning.

  • Here is my first part of Spider-Man Miles Morales. It sucks that I'm playing it on PS4. It's not like the worst version but it performs better on PS5 which I can't afford right now.

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    Finally finished Cyberpunk the other day,i'd give it a 8-9/10,great game but it can be pretty glitchy sometimes,i imagine they'll fix the AI and the bugs eventually The Witcher 3 didn't exactly have a great launch either. Just wish it didn't came out with so many bugs,anyway i'm still glad i played it.

  • Gonna play A New Frontier to critically look at it, wish me luck boys, I'm not hyped.

  • Thought about replaying that a while back myself, but don't remember if I started.

    Gonna play A New Frontier to critically look at it, wish me luck boys, I'm not hyped.

  • Besides playing PUBG I’m playing Dead By Daylight which I’m currently hooked on.

    Considering I love horror and they show iconic slasher/monsters and you can ether Play as a survivor or the killer.

    I do say I love playing as the Hillbilly his main menu theme song is really catchy.

  • I’ve just bought Michael Myers from Dead by Day Light.

  • It's my birthday and I turned 22. The gifts that I received are a microphone and a copy of Dead Rising 2 Off The Record at small price. Still no PS5 btw.

  • Happy birthday!

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    It's my birthday and I turned 22. The gifts that I received are a microphone and a copy of Dead Rising 2 Off The Record at small price. Still no PS5 btw.

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    Happy Birthday !!!

    P.S -How about buying the PS5 off of Amazon? Oh

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    It's my birthday and I turned 22. The gifts that I received are a microphone and a copy of Dead Rising 2 Off The Record at small price. Still no PS5 btw.

  • A bit late but happy birthday.

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    It's my birthday and I turned 22. The gifts that I received are a microphone and a copy of Dead Rising 2 Off The Record at small price. Still no PS5 btw.

  • I've been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild quite a bit in the past week, and it's cementing itself quickly to be one of my favourite open-world, action-adventure games ever! The world is so perfectly crafted for an adventure that you, yourself must craft, rather than other open-world games that are a lot more guided and hand-holdy.
    There's so much freedom and different systems that can work together beautifully.

    This is the best video I've found that summarizes my experience so far.

    Coolest thing I did happened the other day, and I unfortunately forgot to clip it. One side quest has you bring a special blue flame from one location to another. There's an ideal path to take with lanterns you can light to serve as checkpoints if your flame goes out or you put it out accidentally. The path is also littered with monsters and obstacles, so it's not a very easy straight shot. One area has you blocked by a fallen pillar, unable to climb up or your torch will be put away. So, you're supposed to take a long way around a lake to get back on the path of lanterns. I discovered an awesome cheat, however. Using a nearby lantern that I ignited, I took out my bow and arrow, lit the arrow with the nearby blue flame and tried to shoot it to the lantern from the other side of the lake. It took me a few tries, but eventually I nailed it, making my journey across the monster-laden rim of the lake much less stressful.

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    I've been playing Hades and I'm a bit sad I was sleeping on it. Bought it on sale and been really enjoying it a lot. I'm not a fan of rouge-likes but I greatly enjoy this game.

    I have not finished yet, but I have to say this game really should have won best game direction with ease.

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    Thank you all for the wishes. I realized that I accidently posted my comment here instead of the Whatever thread.

  • I played Dead Rising 2 Off the Record which is basically "What if Frank West was the main protagonist of Dead Rising 2 instead of Chuck Greene?". I was actually gonna get the original Dead Rising 2 first but it didn't have a price drop and OTR did.

    This game is pretty underrated. This game did more justice to Frank West's character than Dead Rising 4 where Frank West acted more like Michael De Santa than himself (Again, why did DR4 get a PS4 release but DR3 didn't?). It improved a lot of mechanics not just from the original game but also from the original DR2. They added a new area called "Uranus Zone" which is a fun park where you just mess around with the zombies with park stuff. Survivor escorts are more challenging because in the og DR2, the survivors had a lot of health and were too easy to lead them to safety. Last but not least, it also added new psychopaths which are pretty unique, like Chuck Greene who lost his daughter in this version and Evan The Clown who is the brother of Adam the Clown. This game however is not canon to the main timeline and I totally understand why. This game is just made for Frank West's fans but it's still worth a shot if you are a fan of Dead Rising in general.

    After that, I played the original Dead Rising again. And for some reason, despite some dated gameplay mechanics (Like the horrible AI, not being able to skip Otis' calls and shooting controls), I felt more attached to this game than both OTR and DR2. Not sure if it's because it has a more serious tone to it or because it focuses more on quality over quantity. No combo weapons, no money features and a smaller map. I still think both DR2 and OTR deserve more attention. I am still upset that I don't get to play DR3 due to being exclusive to Xbox One and PC. My PC isn't good for it.


    I managed to download Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition on my PC. I cannot wait to experience it.

  • Been paying Jurassic World the game since I’m prepping myself for Jurassic World : Dominion for next year i can’t hardly wait .

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    My blind experience with Silent Hill 2 came to an end. What a phenomenal journey. Many consider this game to be the number 1 best horror game of all time and I can totally see why. I wouldn't really say it's my favorite horror game of all time because the story was confusing as hell, some of the characters were kind of annoying to me and the voice acting is just distractingly awful. I think Silent Hill 1 did it better in terms of the story and characters but SH2 is huge improvement when it comes to the gameplay. I wasn't really that much scared when I played it, maybe because I experienced Resident Evil before this game and I knew what to expect gameplay wise.

    Nevertheless, this game was awesome and I'm glad I finally got to play it. Props to the developers who managed to make this game playable on PC (No thanks to you, Konami). I heard it was best played on the PS2.

  • Recently have been playing way to much GTA Online, doing heists and stuff on PC.

    Been thinking of finishing Alan Wake though

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    Finished a tiny game called Donut County. Nice experience, not worth the base price it's suggesting (around 10$USD).

    It's a small indie game from the mind of Ben Esposito (game designer on The Unfinished Swan and Edith Finch)
    In Donut County, you play as BK, a raccoon who has gotten ahold of a hole-creating app, where he inadvertently sends people to a dark cave deep under the earth, mistaking peoples order requests for "Donuts" as a request to be sent down a hole.
    The story is told in-medias-res where you recount around a campfire 99k feet under Donut County how everyone fell into the hole and figure out how to get out.

    The gameplay is very, very simple, and unfortunately doesn't offer any new mechanics until the second half of the game, even then, it's not much that changes the main gameplay loop.
    Basically, eat the small things until you can eat the bigger things, and once all the things are gone, the level is complete.

    This repeats for every level until later when you get a "catapult" upgrade that let's you shoot key items back out of the hole.
    The game features light puzzle-solving mechanics, where you need to eat certain things to create stuff, (such as a furnace and corn to make popcorn, attracting birds) or later shooting things out of the hole to solve puzzles (like water, to push a water wheel). The puzzles are pretty simple, and you'll likely solve them without putting much thought into it. There's one puzzle late in the game that really did stump me, as it's one of the few that require a specific timing and order, but most of the rest of the game was easy and simple.

    The story and interactions between characters is fun, as is the little vignettes that set up each person's hole-story. The dialogue is written in this strange "texting lingo". People say "LOL" out loud, use too many exclamation points, or don't use proper punctuation. It adds to the surreal and strange charm of the game, IMO, but is certainly a unique style of writing. (Kinda makes them feel more 'real', in a weird, fictional sense)
    After each level, you get an info blurb about all the items you collected, with a primitive, Racoon-based twist. A 'SOLD' Sign is "a sign someone bought, incase you were thinking of buying it yourself." A Bucket is "a large mug for dirt lovers." A Stepping Stone is "something to step on if you hate dirt". A Snake is "Evil spaghetti". Just a bunch of silly, obtuse ways of how an animal might look at an item. I thought that was a nice piece to the game.

    The price for the game is at 13$CAD on the Switch and I picked it up in a sale last month for 3.50$. That's a fine price for this quirky, if short (around 2-3 hours to finish) and fairly shallow game.
    Not quite a dud from publisher Annapurna Interactive, but it's my least favourite of theirs from the titles I've played. Definitely more experimental-art-piece than video game here.

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    Just finished playing Perfect Cell , basically your extraterrestrial life form that just came out of a astroid and the Russian military in the Arctic captures you in their submarine base and you have to escape.

    Took me 2 days to play this game but other all I enjoyed it the only obstacle that annoyed me in the game was dealing with a laser grids.

    The game is extremely gory if you draw a line path for your cell to move it’ll decapitate anything in it’s path.

  • Just bought Bully : anniversary edition.

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