I won't be making new content for a while

WOW, 3 posts in one day! But, I just wanted to say I'm taking a break. I know, I seem like an egotistical bastard for MAKING A POST JUST TO TELL EVERYONE I'M ON A BREAK. But, yeah, I won't be on the TFTBL forums for a while. Thanks for your patience and understanding... Is what I'd say if anyone actually cared. Later peeps, I'll be on the Minecraft: Story Mode forums if you need me... Which you won't. Cause no one cares. Goodbye.


  • Who are you?

  • Joins, makes a few posts, "oh boy I'm taking a break".

  • Dude, you literally just made 9 comments. I've seen you... Maybe once??? You don't have to post a thread; just go. We get that you want to go to other sections.

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    The most dramatic farewell after literally 24 hours on forum.Like,wat

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