Any other type of media for the franchise's future?

So, I've come to realize that we're not gonna get Season 4 anytime soon, but what seeing Sam & Max return in other media?

Like, how awesome would it be to see a Sam & Max IDW comic series or a new animated show on adult swim or FX?

Now, I don't really know much about the state of the franchise's rights or if Steve Purcell is so super mega busy these days that he couldn't do it, but damn, it's been 6 years since Season 3 and I really miss this series. What do you guys think?


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    Well, I think the most possibe outcome for now is Hit the Road HD remake... mostly because it's old lucasarts adventure and not because it's Sam & Max. They are pretty niche.

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    I doubt we'll see anything outside of a possible mini series from Telltale or some sort of special one off. Their 30th anniversary is next year, so I'm feeling rather confident we're getting something to break the 5 year silence.

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    Steve Purcell will probably make a new drawing for Sam & Max next year (I'd be surprised if he didn't, as, like freelancepolicefan11 said, 2016 is their 30th anniversary). A small webcomic is also possible (but not as likely), but I really wouldn't expect more from the comic side as Steve Purcell is busy these days at Pixar. As awesome as an IDW Sam & Max comic would be, I really couldn't see Steve Purcell licensing the duo out to someone else to do a comic, as the Sam & Max comics have always been something he has done himself. I'd love to be proven wrong though. :)

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