Did You Regret taking [Spoiler] in your Final Battle?

Who did you choose as your members for the Final Battle?

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  1. Who were your BEST set choices?
  2. Who were your 2nd set Choices?
  3. Which members did you regret choosing? mine was Claptrap (i wasted $9M for @#$%!^%$@#s)


  • Mate, the exact same thread is on the front page. All these duplicate threads are killing me.

  • I can tell you don't pay that much attention to stuff on the forums.

  • best choice was august basically cause he could use gortys to box the monster second best was zero worst one was claptrap because he was too damn loud and the amount of beeping just got annoying

  • I regret NOT getting Claptrap for my Vault team, he was hilarious.

  • I regret getting August around. I wanted Zer0

  • How did you rank the members' moves & final battle acts?

    here's my ranking

    1. Cassius - he has the sickest moves (imho)
    2. Athena - i liked the shield, etc (she is also named in the options when Gortys explains how she learns the move sets)
    3. Springs - rocket power! (plus it's nice to see the two together, and hear their comments)
    4. Zero - slick moves but his comments were nearly same as Cassius'. (i also ranked him lower 'coz there was only 1 episode exposure of him, little time for character development)
    5. August - a puncher (awkward to have him if you routed for team Rhysha)
    6. Cl4tr4p - his jokes were mediocre.
  • I choose Athena, August and Cassius. I let Cassius live due to his knowledge. Athena is just incredible. August fits well for the job. I do not regret any of my choices.

  • I took Athena because she is the ultimate badass and I had to take springs because a mechanic was always useful plus I'd like to hear the comments between the two and I bought Cassius because he has a lot of knowledge about gortys plus he had the best ability and I wanted him to try and get along with Athena and for him to work for Rhys Was close to taking August and I picked felix at the start too so 9mil I regret nothing

  • I regret all my "bad" choices that I thought would do me good later on, "NOT letting go of the Dahl satellite in front of Hyperion" for instance. Or having Fiona tell the truth that she "would do anything if her sister died". I never thought those would bite me in the back so hard! So, my only choices were Zer0, Athena and August (the default 3).

    [And, isn't there already a thread for this?]

  • No one, I was pretty happy with my choice of Athena, Janey and August. At the end of the day it got shit done, so I'm not bothered.

  • I like Claptrap surprise and was like only one point across all episodes that I seriously laughed (actually out loud.)

    However way they decided to censor its swearing with loud bleeps slightly annoyed me. Considering Borderlands series language, it's odd if it wasn't done as a joke.

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