Does anyone have this Steve Purcell cover in HQ?

Hi everybody, I want to make a poster with this cover art

enter image description here

but I didn't find this image in a good quality to be printed

Does anyone have this image in HQ? Can anyone share it to us? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

PD: Just in case, sorry for mi english.


  • A Google image search finds a higher resolution version, with a few extra tags in front of it.

    enter image description here

    Is that good enough?

  • Not at all. An image without extra tags would be useful.

    I posted this because I didn't find anything in Google. I know that is difficult to get it, so thanks for the reply.

  • A little late now, but in case you look for it still.
    Scanned my copy.
    Steve Purcell Cover

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