Is it imperitive that I have played Borderlands to understand Tales from the Borderlands?

I would like to be able to play Tales from the Borderlands but it seems this game is set after 3 previous games made by a different company...

Will it affect my understanding or enjoyment at all by just starting with TFTB? I'm assuming Telltale have made it accessible to newbies but I just want o be sure :)


  • No knowledge required. Everything explained perfectly in the first five minutes. Great game. Do it.

  • Well, unlike Game of Thrones, everything is neatly explained right from the get go. I haven't played any Borderlands games before Episode 1 and i understood it. I've played through them during the long wait for Episode 2 though.

    I'd say it isn't needed, you'll just miss some of the references, but the main story is understandable.

  • Nah it's not required. I'd definitely recommend playing them though, they're good games.

  • I've never played Borderlands and I could easily understand what's goin' on. Though TfTB convinced me to buy it.

  • With exceptions like Game of Thrones, Telltale otherwise makes their games accessible to new comers of the source material. You have nothing to worry about, and furthermore, Tales from the Borderlands has a two minute scene at the intro of Episode 1 summarizing the premise of the world.

  • Thanks guys! I'll definitely play then.

  • In all honesty no but you should play them before to fully enjoy the game

  • IMO, Tales does a better job of explaining the Borderlands universe than the actual Borderlands games.

  • Playing Borderlands 2 for a few hours might do you some good, but you don't have to.

  • It helps to look into a TINY bit of the lore (so you'll get the idea of how wacky the world is) but other than that, no it's not really needed. It does spoil some of the crucial plot-points of Borderlands 2 though.

  • Not really. When I first played Tales and I knew jackshit about the original games.

    Though playing Borderlands 2 does help out a little.

  • Nah, it might help, but not much. I've been able to fully enjoy every playthrough without playing the games. I've tried both before Tales came out, and didn't get very far into the first map or area/level without throwing down the controller in boredom (suck it, Leluch). And you can go spoil yourself with a wiki if you feel like you're lost, but I've never been lost in the story.

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