Uh, so what happened to the Sam & Max game page on the website?

I'm confused as to why all games Pre-TWD season 1 are missing from the "all series" tab at the top.

I don't know why the website page for all the games including Sam & Max's have been nuked.
If anyone could tell me if this is just temporary, or any other info, that would be great.


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    Welp, I found that it is temporary, but I don't know how to edit or delete the post.

    This isn't the best design :P

  • Worst of all... I can't find the link for the Big Sleep webcomic. That was one of my favorite webcomics

  • You could always check wayback machine, but I'm not sure if that would work with the images.

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    In a thread in Telltale Talk/General Chat discussing the new site update, it was confirmed Staff Members are going to eventually add the old game pages as well, once they get the appropriate content to fill out pages for old games under their new game page template.

    So far, they just focused on adding the newer and more modern series first, but as with previous versions of the site, it seems that they are focusing on updating parts of the website in phases. They similarly hinted at the forums getting an eventual facelift kind of like how the site got a facelift as well.

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