TWD 16 Months Part II: A Broken Bond Part 1

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The second instalment to Clementine and Christa's 16 Month journey begins here.


The sky looks piercing blood-red. We see Clementine. She's standing around in the middle of Oaktown, having no idea what's going on or where to go. All the shops around are on fire, smoke fills up the sky, and all of it's habitants, including Damien's soldiers, are either dead or walkers. Worst of all, Christa is nowhere to be seen.

She starts walking towards the only safe haven that she can find: the church. Along the way, none of the walkers appear to go after her. They just wander around aimlessly minding their own business. Once she makes it to the steps to the front door, she sees Damien's bloodied mask, but no Damien.

She opens the doors and enters the church. She sees a bunch of corpses laying on their sides at the nave with their backs turned to her. Curious, Clementine walks up to see who they are. Getting closer and closer, she recognizes one of the bodies.

  • Clementine: ...Lee?

Ecstatic, she runs up to the closest body.

  • Clementine: Lee!

She kneels down and tries to shake Lee awake. He starts moving and moaning...inhuman moaning. Lee gets up slowly stands up as Clementine moves back. He turns around, and she notices his pasty grey skin, yellow teeth, and milky white eyes. To Clementine's horror, Lee is now a walker. Frightened, she slowly moves back. Lee's just standing there not making any advancements towards her. He just glaring at her.

Two more walkers stand up. On the left side is Omid, and on the right side is Donald.

  • Clementine: What--?

All three corpses slowly pace towards her. Clementine backs away and tries to make a run to the door, but is stopped called by another walker. This is a little girl with blonde hair and cracked glasses. It's Eliza. Clementine is beyond horrified.

  • Eliza: ...It should've been you.

Before Clementine can respond, Eliza leans in a lightning speed for a bite to her neck. Clementine screams.

Clementine wakes up. She's lying down on the ground with a blanket around her, using her backpack as a pillow. She's taking shelter inside a small cavern. It's the evening. The sky's dark and murky, and it's pouring rain. Christa's guarding the mouth of the cave with a pistol. She notices Clementine's disturbance and goes to her.

  • Christa: Again?

Clementine nods her head.

  • Christa: I'm sorry. But you need to sleep. We still have a long way to go.

Clementine notices Christa's very baggy eyes. She looks as if she hasn't slept in days.

  • Clementine: What about you?
  • Christa: I'll live.
  • Clementine: But you need it too. We can switch and I can--
  • Christa: No. I said I'm FINE.

Christa restrains herself from losing her temper on Clementine.

  • Christa: Just go back to sleep, Clem.

Thunder claps. Christa goes back to her post while Clementine lays herself back down. She quietly zips open her bag just enough to not get Christa's attention, and pulls out her gun. She pulls out the magazine and notices she's out of bullets.

She looks and sees Christa's travel bag. Knowing she has bullets, she reaches out for the bag, but it's just about a foot away. She carefully inches herself to the bag, and slips her hand through the opening. She shuffles around and eventually grabs hold of about 3 bullets. She quickly pulls her hand just as Christa turns around to check on her. Seeing Clementine (seemingly) sleeping eases her to relax a little and lay down.


It's night time. Summer is here, and the wind is slightly chilly and humid. We see four men sitting around a campfire, all of them Caucasian. Each of them are wearing dark clothes. Two of them are wearing hoods (Mason & Will), one a wool cap (Horace), and the last is wearing no headgear, showing of his long curly hair (Bernard). They have a pile of bloodied handmade spears next to them.

They appear to be eating a raccoon they've cooked in the fire. Three more slaughtered raccoons Bernard's eating a leg.

  • Bernard: I don't know about you guys, but this tastes disgusting.
  • Mason: Yeah, well food is food.
  • Will: How long do you think this can hold us on for?
  • Horace: Hopefully a day or two. Until then, we need to be on the look out for more rodents.
  • Bernard: We got lucky. Fish are easy, but raccoons? Feisty little fuckers.
  • Will: One day, we can--
  • Clementine: Excuse me?

The men turn their attention to a figure emerging between their tents. It's Clementine. Her clothes are all filthy, and her face has some mud on it. She has her pistol placed in her pants behind her back.

  • Horace: What? What do you want?
  • Clementine: Oh. I-I don't mean to disturb you. I was just wondering if you could spare some food? I'm really hungry.
  • Will: Absolutely not. Now piss off.
  • Bernard: Whoa Will, relax man. She's just a kid.
  • Mason: Don't care. We are not gonna risk starving ourselves just because of some child. (To Clementine) Now go away...

Clementine sees Mason reaching his hand into his knife attached to his belt.

  • Mason: ...Before someone gets hurt.
  • Clementine: Please? I'm so hungry.
  • Mason: I warned you.

Mason gets up from his seat and walks towards Clementine.

  • Bernard: Mason, don't!


Everyone is startled by the gunshot as they watch Mason fall flat on his back with a bullet wound in his forehead.

  • Will: JESUS!! FUCK!!

Christa comes out of the shadows walking up from behind Clementine with a pistol in her hand. She looks just as worn out as Clementine, but strong enough to hold her ground. Christa aims her gun at the other three men.

  • Christa: Give us your food.
  • Horace: killed him. You bitch!
  • Christa: He shouldn't have threatened a little girl.

Bernard slowly stands up with his hands in the air. Christa quickly reacts.

  • Christa: Sit back down.
  • Bernard: Please, just let me speak. He was a piece of shit to go after her, I understand that. None of us wanna be next. Okay? Now we'll give you some food as compensation for putting your girl in danger.
  • Christa: I don't think so. Maybe we want all of it.
  • Bernard: That doesn't seem to fair too nicely in our favour since you just murdered our friend in cold blood. You will get what we say you'll get. Now just take it and leave us alone.
  • Christa: But I--
  • Clementine: (to Christa) Please. Just go with it.

Christa looks down at Clementine with a look of disapproval before resting her arms putting the men out of her line of fire.

  • Christa: Fine.
  • Bernard: Alright, good.

Bernard goes to pick up two of the raccoons by their tails.

  • Will: Bernard, two? Are you fucking retarded? We need food too!
  • Bernard: We'll be fine.
  • Horace: (to Christa and Clementine) You two are so gonna regret what you did. I promise you.

Bernard tosses the raccoons to the girls.

  • Christa: Go on. Get them.

Clementine walks forward to pick up the raccoons.

  • Bernard: Now if you don't mind, we have a scumbag to bury. Best be on your way. FAR away.

Christa takes the raccoons out of Clementine's hands and walks away. Clementine stares at the men, almost out of pity as they take care of Mason's body, before quickly catching up with Christa.

Christa takes out her flashlight to light the way.

  • Clementine: What if they come and get us?
  • Christa: If they did, they would have killed us then and there.

Clementine looks up at Christa for a bit. As soon as Christa makes eye contact with her, Clementine immediately turns away.

  • Christa: What is it?
  • Clementine: ...Why do we have to keep doing it like this?
  • Christa: Doing it like what?
  • Clementine: Stealing food from other people. It...doesn't seem right.
  • Christa: Because hunting is something that neither I nor you have the energy to do. We can't afford to risk wasting what little bullets we have left. If we want to make it to Wellington alive, we need to stay alive by any means necessary. So just be grateful we have some means of doing that.
  • Clementine: ...I guess your right. But...we just killed someone. YOU just killed someone.
  • Christa: Enough. I'm not having this conversation with you. Just do as I say, and stop questioning me.

Clementine reluctantly complies, and turns her attention to the path.


They make it back to their cave but find three walkers blocking the entrance.

  • Christa: Shit. Clementine, stay back!
  • Clementine: Ok.

Christa preps up her revolver and takes aim at the walkers.


She shoots down one walker, grabbing the others' attention. They growl and slowly walk towards her.


Christa takes out both walkers. Clementine quickly runs to the cave. Both her backpack and Christa's bag are gone.

  • Clementine: We've been robbed!!
  • Christa: ...Fucking shit.
  • Clementine: Our food!! Our ammo!! This is horrible!!!
  • Christa: Calm down. We still have the raccoons. We can--

Suddenly, gunshots and screams pierce into the night. This gets both their attention.

  • Clementine: What's--
  • Christa: Ignore it. They're not our problem.

Clementine ignores Christa's order and makes a run towards the sounds.

  • Christa: Hey. Hey!! Clementine!! Get back here!!!

Clementine runs and jumps through the forest. Eventually, she gets to a road and finds walkers attacking a warn out van. Inside is a couple. A man named Jeremy and a woman named Peggy. Both are Caucasian and in their late 20's. Jeremy's wearing a flannel jacket, and Peggy's wearing a black vest with a green sweater underneath.

Jeremy's firing at the walkers, but isn't shooting them in the head, wasting bullets. Peggy's holding onto him in fear. Jeremy fires the gun until it clicks.

Clementine fires at the walkers and kills one. The last three turn around to Clementine and walk to her. She fires again and kills another one. She shoots one last time and kills the next, but there's one left and she's out of bullets. She starts panicking--


Right in the eye, the walker falls down. Clementine looks behind her and sees an angry Christa coming to her.

  • Christa: Where did you get those bullets?!
  • Clementine: I...I---
  • Christa: I specifically fucking told you you weren't allowed to touch any of my ammo!
  • Clementine: Maybe I needed to defend myself, okay?! What if I'm you're not around, and I can't fight back?! You can't tell me what to do!

Christa actually raises her hand as if she's about to strike Clementine, but restrains herself.

  • Christa: Fuck. I...I don't know what the hell to do with you anymore.

Jeremy walks out of the car to talk to the girls.

  • Jeremy: Hey. Um, I just wanted to say thank you. For helping us--

Christa quickly pulls her out on Jeremy.

  • Jeremy: Whoa! Oh God, what? What do you want?!
  • Peggy: Jeremy!

Peggy runs from the farther side of the van to shield Jeremy.

  • Peggy: Don't! Please don't!

Christa walk to the back door of the van, and shatters the glass with her gun.

  • Jeremy: 'The hell?

Christa pulls out her bag and Clementine's from the window.

  • Christa: Wanna tell me where you assholes got these bags?
  • Peggy: ...Those aren't yours, are they?
  • Clementine: Yes. You stole our bags. Why would you do that?
  • Jeremy: Well, same reason any smart person would do it. We scavenge for supplies, food, ammo--
  • Christa: Like the ones you just wasted in that walker over there.

Christa points to the body with the most bullet holes.

  • Jeremy: Well, he just wouldn't go down.
  • Christa: I don't know how you lasted this long, you incompetent idiot.
  • Peggy: Hey, watch it!
  • Christa: You stole our supplies, wasted my bullets, and had to wait to be saved by the very people you stole from. I don't think you're in any position to make any demands, let alone to someone who has a gun and actually knows who to kill with it.
  • Jeremy: (sigh) Okay, look. We messed up big. Let us make it up to you.
  • Clementine: How?
  • Peggy: A farm. There's a farm about a 20 minute walk from here. We have a whole group there.
  • Clementine: Do you have food?
  • Jeremy: Yeah, of course. We grow it.
  • Clementine: No, I mean do you have actual food food? Fruits, vegetables?
  • Peggy: ...Yyyeah.
  • Clementine: Ok good.
  • Peggy: Why? What were you thinking?
  • Clementine: I don't wanna talk about it.

Awkward silence ensues.

  • Christa: We've been through too much to be this trusting to you people. Why should we believe you. How do we know you won't attack us if we let our guard down?
  • Jeremy: That's a good point. Let's be fair. I saw where you two were living. Wouldn't you rather feel safer under a roof with a larger group of people? I mean no offence, but you both look like you haven't had a good night's sleep in days.

Christa and Clementine look at each other both contemplating whether or not they should go.

  • Jeremy: Tell you what? When we get there and you feel unsafe, you can shoot me right in the fucking face.
  • Peggy: (to Jeremy) Jeremy, what the hell?
  • Jeremy: Peggy, we could use these two.
  • Peggy: What if your dad doesn't accept them?
  • Jeremy: He will. I can talk him into it.

  • Clementine: Do you think we should go?

Christa just stares coldly at Clementine before walking up to Jeremy and Peggy.

  • Christa: Alright. Fine. We'll go.
  • Jeremy: Okay, sweet!

Jeremy points down the road.

  • Jeremy: Just down there. It won't be too long.
  • Christa: Let's get going then.
  • Peggy: Oh wait!

Peggy moves back to the van, and takes out an axe.

  • Peggy: Don't forget this. (hands the axe to Jeremy)
  • Jeremy: Thanks babe.

As the grown start walking, Clementine stares hard at Christa before catching up with them. Still feeling bitter about there disagreement prior to meeting the couple.

  • Jeremy: I'm Jeremy by the way. This is my girlfriend Peggy.
  • Peggy: Hi.
  • Christa: I'm Christa. The girl's Clementine.
  • Jeremy: She not your daughter.
  • Christa: (shakes head) No.


Continued in Part 2.

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