I'm looking for more Sam & Max merchandise!

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Hello there,

I'm currently working on expanding my Sam & Max collection, so I thought I'd make a post here for my fellow Sam & Max fans.

I'm looking to add the following items to my collection:

Most Sought After:
* Double Fine Sam & Max Floaty Writing Pen (Yellow, Red and Blue)
* Sam & Max Freelance Police Original Cel & Background
* Media Arts Inc. 92' Sam & Max Pin
* Media Arts Inc. 92' Jumping Max Pin
* Media Arts Inc. 92' Sam & Max Window Decal Sticker
* San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Green Max Button
* Sam & Max Comic Con ’92 Shirt
* Sam & Max The Animated Series Production Crew Jacket
* Original Comic Book Pages
* Original Sam & Max Art

Sought After:
* Sam & Max Season One Case File
* Sam & Max Symbiote Statue
* Sam & Max The Age of S&M
* Sam & Max The Effigy Mound
* Sam and Max Surfin' the Highway 1995 Paperback
* Sam and Max Surfin' the Highway 1995 Hardcover
* Sam & Max Special Color Collection

Least Sought After:
* Flaming Max Shot Glass
* Sam & Max The DeSoto T-Shirt
* Max 'Booga Booga' Shirt
* Flaming Max Hat
* Max Crossbones Hat
* Max Crossbones T-Shirt
* CGC Rated Sam & Max Comics
* Signed Sam & Max Merchandise

I'm mostly interested in Near Mint/Mint condition items, but other conditions will work too.
If you are interested in selling you should just message me and we'll talk about the price.
I'd also appreciate if you would notify me if you know of someone selling something.

Thanks for reading my post.

- Jubbas


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