Is there an API for Poker Night or Poker Night 2?

I think this might be an interesting game to work with for Twitch Plays, but instead of screen-scraping, I was hoping that there was some form of API that I could use to program up a Twitch Plays Poker Night...


  • I am not Telltale Staff, so this answer is just an educated guess of mine, but I do not believe so. Telltale is not really into letting people tinker with their games, and Poker Night is a fairly old title at this point so I do not see them going back to retroactively add support for newer features.

    For what it's worth, BATMAN and future Telltale series including Walking Dead Season 3 have a new Crowd Play feature which they are eventually hoping to also get working on streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch once latency issues are solved.

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