Unreleased scenes or something like that

I dunno,maybe,this topic was somewhere below,but Google and other ways of search gave me nothing,so...
What happened to all those scenes,which been seen in the preview to ep.2 (in the end of ep.1)?Were they deleted,remastered or am I just paid not enough attention to a "douche" role to see those ways of plot twisting?
Like H.Jack riding a buggie with Rhys or "The Purple Skag" guard shooting scene.
P.S. Yeah,driving scene looks like moonshot chase from the 2-nd episode's intro (and maybe it is a remastered version),but I'd like to know any details about it,surely,if they do exist


  • Those are from "Next time on" preview at the end of Episode 1. Usually those previews don't exactly match what actually happens in the episode, because Telltale is working on the episodes live (meaning they don't have next episodes finished when they release a first one) and they change stuff during development.

    I don't know what was the original idea behind Tector and Jimbo shoooting scene, but it eventually became an ongoing joke and the scene was shown in every "Next time on" preview even though it never happened in any of the episodes.

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    I feel like the most interesting unreleased scenes are unused scenes in the sound files, heres a few really interesting ones:

    Episode 3, there some sort of scene about how to wake Rhys up after he falls from the balcony, kissing or slapping.

    Episode 4 had a scene where Vaughn rambles on about how he bonded with a boy from a camp he went to as a kid in the bathrooms.

    Fiona has lines for when Rhys talks to Sasha at thr Quick Change in episode 4.

    Episode 5's intro was going to have Fiona help fix the caravan with August.

    There was going to be a choice to not leave on the caravan and wait for Rhys, or leave.

    Finally, probably the most interesting scene that was cut.

    Theres dialog with August that goes 2 different ways. Originally there would be a choice to warn Vallory about the Traveler about to crush her. No matter what you did she would still be crushed and killed. However, if you warned August, he thanks you for trying to help her. However, if you didnt August is angry and threatens to kill Fiona. This makes me believe that if you didnt warn Vallory it would lead to a choice to kill August.

    Edit: Also, episode 4 had a different beginning. Rhys tries to say what happened to him, and the Stranger doesnt believe him, and says that its "Part 4." Instead of a meteor shower and it seemed that they just sat down, and Fiona went to sleep, and Rhys would be the one who starts in the past storyline instead of Fiona.

    Ep 4 Intro:

    August in Ep 5:

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