W&G Summary [no spoilers]!

edited August 2009 in Wallace & Gromit
Not being a previous fan of W&G, now having played through all 4 parts of the season. A few points:

Au contraire to what seems to be the general opinion, there's absolutely no issues on my part with controls. A few minor spaces were awkward at best, but that's pretty much it. Easy to navigate and so on. Well done there.

In general it was good and well done, but what really drags it down is the thresholds between polygons (mostly in episode 4), which were tacky and clumbsy. In a house, it's ok if there's some unfinished work, but not in a facial close up. Although I understand limitations are in order, there's no excuse for being sloppy. And it was sloppy, which made me understand it was rushed. And that's not a good thing when I'm paying for a quality merchandise. It's not Ryan Air you're dealing with here.

Most stuff went smooth apart from minor glitches which I had no bigger issues with. Most glitches were solved by pushing "esc" and then continuing game.

Episode 4 really felt rushed, but all in all it has been a sweet experience even for someone like me, who doesn't enjoy the sense of humour or gets turned on by a subexciting storyline.
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