Season 2 is gonna be a while, so...

Before I begin, there will obviously be a season 2, because it left off with a cliff hanger. I've also read somewhere (in an article by a creator) that the "season" is finished... or something like that, anyway.

What would you guys like to see in a season 2, I think that choosing to keep jack or crush jack, should make a HUUUUGE difference. I know telltale is all about illusion of choice, but this would be so cool, then no one's let's play would be the same. I think that if you crush it... no handsome jack anymore... at all... but if you kept it like me, then he'd have a big roll. If you keep it, jack will somehow find a way to get someone to put his eye in a robot... I dunno I thought that'd be cool.

I would like to see more borderlands cast in season 2, seeing Krieg would be dope... because he would breath fire on people, and turn into a badass psycho. I would like to see tiny Tina, because she's funny...and that's it. Cl4p-tp, definitely, yeah I know he's the mysterious vault hunter and all, but he would be a main character... Who do you guys want to see?

What should the plot be? It should be 2 plots, 1 for Fiona and 1 for Rhys, Rhys's plot changes depending on if you crush jack or keep him. Fiona's plot, for me, is difficult to think of, because I'm trying to think of a big choice with Fiona... it's not coming. Also Rhys should go out with the person you shipped him with at the end. What do you guys want for the plot?

What boss should be at the end? Because there is always a boss then the end in borderlands games. I want to see a creature with slinky-like mechanics, where it keeps squishing then getting bigger. It should be underground or something. I'm just trying to think up original ideas. What kind of boss do... you. Know what I'm going to ask.

  That's all for now, maybe I'll update this later, depending on if a lot of people see this.


  • there will obviously be a season 2, because it left off with a cliff hanger.

    Eeh sorry to disappoint you, but Job said in the recent Q&A that cliffhanger ending doesn't mean, there will be a sequel.

    They just like to leave it open whether they continue the story or not.

  • "That the season finished"

    enter image description here

    Games like Wolf Among Us have also said "season" and look where that went...

    But if a Season 2 were to ever happen, Id want it to still have Fiona and Rhys be the playable characters, although I know alot of people think having Vaughn and Sasha become playable characters with a story of finding Rhys and Fiona would be interesting.

  • Fionas plot should be the quest for the ultimate badass Con artist hat, especially since 60% of people had her original hat destroyed.

    In all seriousness though, if they do make season 2, I hope they either continue Rhys and Fionas story (absolutely love Fionas character), or have Sasha and Vaughn or something, if they make season 2, they should continue with the dual protagonist thing I think, since it really changed the dynamic, having to switch between 2 different thought processes depending on which character you were was pretty fun

  • If Fiona werent playable, I would sure miss my Cheeky, hatloving Con artist

    Poogers555 posted: »

    "That the season finished" Games like Wolf Among Us have also said "season" and look where that went... But if a Season 2 were to

  • if its like that, then lilith is def gonna be there to crush jack with the rest of the vault hunters.

  • I have to disappoint you very much. If there will be season 2 it probably wouldn't be as good as season 1 cause key staff working on season 1 was gone to Ubisoft. Here is more information: I'm really sorry about that ;(

  • Season 2 is gonna be a while never, so...


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