Would you mind if Mira's fate was retcon?

So let's say that if Mira gets executed and when Season 2 starts, Mira is revealed to be alive in either scenario. The one who died was a body double, perhaps the mother in the other cell who was made to look like Mira by Morgryn. As for how Morgryn convinced the mother to act as Mira, he could easily make a promise that he will provide for her boy.

If they decides to go this route, I wouldn't really mind. Sure, it is a bummer with the choice having no consequence, but if it means that we can play as Mira again, I would be happy.


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    Yes I would actually. First of all the mother left the cell to the block before Mira was executed. Second, I think the mother is too old to be Mira's body double. And third, Mira says Iron from Ice in the block so the mother wouldn't know what the motto would be for House Forrester. As much as it sounds like the mother would be a body double, it wouldn't feel like if it was the real thing, for me at least. Sorry if my grammer is off. Typed this in a rush.

  • I am honored that my question made you type quickly. :)

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    Yes I would actually. First of all the mother left the cell to the block before Mira was executed. Second, I think the mother is too old to

  • Mira's gone. Never coming back. No matter what you chose in the end.

  • That's why I asked if you would mind if her fate was retconned.

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    Mira's gone. Never coming back. No matter what you chose in the end.

  • Yes I would, it would make my choice entirely meaningless and allows Telltale to be lazy when it comes to the impact of our choices...which is why I could totally see them doing this.

  • not a fan of that idea

  • Most players chose Mira to die with dignity and should remain that way.

  • retcon's in general shouldn't happen. I love Mira and would love to play as her again but if it cannot be then so be it.

  • As much as I don't like the idea of Mira not being a main character in Season 2, it certainly wouldn't be fair for the people who made that choice to be ignored.

  • Admittedly I'd be ecstatic if she was alive despite refusing Morgryn, even if she was brought back in a dumb way.
    But if I were to look at it in as unbiased as I can, it would be great if she was alive but only if it was pulled off in a clever way. Judging by what was seen from her execution that would be difficult to pull off. I don't believe she had a body double, the woman in the other cell did look like her a bit but she can say "Iron From Ice" and I doubt they would instruct her to say that.

    There's something else that makes me think it's possible..
    If you haven't seen Game of Thrones season 6 stop reading now-SPOILERS!!
    I keep hearing around that the Forresters are a reflection of the Starks, and I do see that as well. In S6 of the show they have a resurrection in the family, we haven't seen that yet for any of the Forresters. We're still not certain who Tom works for but he's mentioned he works for people who want her alive.

    I'm trying to keep this short but I've thought up many more reasons she could still live. Despite that I still believe it's not gonna happen, it would require TellTale to come up with another narrative for Mira and they usually roll with cheap deaths to streamline the story instead.
    I'd love to see Morgryn's stupid face when he sees Mira again though.

  • Kind of sad we never got a chance to see who Tom was working for as they seemed to be willing to shelter Mira and help get her out of King's Landing. Guess all that was just false hope.

    Even if they did to pull off the whole body double act, I can't think of anything else for her to do aside from getting revenge on Morgryn. Let Elsera replace her in the next game and be avenged by another Forrester. Preferably Talia.

  • I know this thread is old but I did seen a Mira lookalike in the crowd watching

  • "Morgryn will now speak for you."

    I think that little caption said everything we needed to know about Mira's fate if you chose to accept Morgryn's offer. It's a BRILLIANT way for Mira to appear in every scene alongside Morgryn without even having to pay an actress to voice her. (She could be visibly pregnant too, just to add an extra level of "ick.") If Telltale simply had Mira commit suicide or something before season 2 even begins would be weird and dumb, considering they already have a perfect scenario on the table.

  • Eve if Morgryn does attempt to lay claim to Ironrath, I am rather curious as to how if Mira is dead and the huge political mess after the death of Tywin Lannister.

  • As much as I love Mira and am gutted it's either her or Tom that loose their life, I don't think it would be right to retcon it.
    My Mira held her head high and took her punishment "Iron from Ice." As much as I didn't want Mira to die, I also adore Tom and couldn't let him take the blame after all he'd done for us!
    Mira might be alive if she agrees to marry Morgryn but she would be trapped in an unhappy forced marriage and plagued with guilt over Toms death.

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