This might be available on Nintendo switch

Just as the title says I was reading online and they might put this game on the switch since minecraft: story mode will be on switch that probably means other telltale games so it's possible here is the article I was reading.


  • Plz be true. The more 3rd party support the better. I feel like many people are buying the Switch right now are only doing so..because Zelda! Let's face it so far that and that F-Zero styled game are the sellers. Just seeing the words Nintendo and GOG together = money

  • While I get all Telltale games on PC I would still love if the switch actually got some good 3rd party support so I'm all for it.

  • I'd definitely buy it on the switch if they released it. I wanted to buy M:SM on the Wii U but they took so long releasing the episodes. Having the gamepad would've been great to use with telltale's games. I wish they would've supported the Wii U. If they release this on time along with other platforms i'll go for the switch version.

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