Is Vaughn 5'3/5'4?

Handsome Jack is 5'11 for anyone who knows anything about boderlands knows this, plus it is easy to find online.

so does that make Rhys a 5'10ish dude as he is shorter then Jack? (unless telltale doesn't know anything about the source material they made the game for)

Then that would make Vaughn 5'4 or under lol


  • Vital Information on Jack for anyone interested

    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Source Borderlands-1
    Faction Confederacy
    Rank A-Ally
    Function President of Hyperion
    Groups Zero Point
    Other Information
    Age (Appearance) 30's
    Age (Actual) 30's
    Still Aging? Yes
    Height 5'11"
    Weight 160 pounds
    Hair Color Brown, Some Grey
    Eye Color Right: Blue, Left: Green

  • Anyone have a idea for what Vaughns height is?

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