The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Part 2: A Villain Rises

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Previously On The Walking Dead Forum Edition

Washington D.C, a place where groups emerge and battle for conquest in the apocalyptic world. Hordes upon hordes of men lay down on many famous areas to show the battles that grizzled the landscape. Although most groups have either perished or are going to be, one group remains in tact and in power. That group is called... TellTale Games. The group have been known for their unique methods of conquest, such as flooding an enemy groups water supply with lubricant or pouring Clorox bleach at the enemies eyes, burning them indefinitely. The group are also famous for their concentration camps, one of which is called The New Frontier camp. All prisoners there are gassed with the smell of donkey shit and rotting babies OR are brutally murdered with a fleshlight. Who is this leader of such attrocity, such agony and wrongdoing? His name is Job S Stauffer and you better watch out because he will unspeakable things to you and your family while taking high quantities of pleasure. His right hand man, @Blind Sniper is also atrocious, once beating up 60 people a day with only a fork and spoon.

And yet they keep expanding. expanding so much that you will see them in your story...very very soon.

Present Day.
Deltino was faced with a choice between keeping the tampons or giving them away. He gave them away for safety.

"So here you go, now will you guarantee our safety?" Deltino calmfully asked as kennyWOOT watched him.
"Fine, I will." she said. "Now you three! What do you have to offer?"
Marijaa, Vulpine and Cany all look confused at each other, not knowing what on earth to do after they wasted all their ammo.
"Looks like you are gonna get punished." Dont look Back answered with a sinister tone.
Within seconds she opened fire at all three soldiers with her Gatling gun, killing all three men instantly. Deltino is impressed at her shooting skills as all her shots were direct hits. They decided to head back to Dont Look Back's group using the truck the three dead soldiers used. Dont Look Back's group were called "The Wolf Among Us", led by Ukilledkenny who is a mentally unstable man and also is the executive of the prostitute club inside the group.
"So how is the group then, DLB(short for Dont Look Back)?" KennyWOOT asked.
DLB thought for a moment just how mad and crazy the actual group is, with all the prostitution and shooting and stuff that she decided to lie.
"Uhh it is...pretty normal...normal..people and all" DLB nervously said.
"Hang on a minute!" Deltino interrupted "You are hiding something...are your people a group of prostitutes and shooters led by an unstable man by any chance?"
"God Dammit!" DLB shouted but it was too late to turn back as they entered the gates of "The Wolf Among Us".

At the front gates there was an old wrinkly man that randomly started sniffing the truck. He was abnormally ugly and had 3 legs and 3 arms. Also he was acting like a 2 year old saying "goo goo" and "me wanna play with juicy stick". Obviously, the old man's name was @Poogers555 . Poogers stopped the truck and decided to have a chat with deltino.
" You have a big long dick." creepily stated the old man in front of DLB. "I wanna stroke it"
"Excuse me but I am a girl, dickhead" said DLB. Sadly, her manners caused Poogers to have a breakdown and hit the wall causing him to pass out.
"Well he is gone."
The three then head to the main building where they are rounded up by Ukilledkenny.
"Right kids. Today we are gonna show you what a good prostitute is!"
Everyone was watching as Ukilledkenny did a presentation with world famous prostitiute @Mrskinnyjeans .
"Right kids what you always need to do is to make sure his tongue is clean, otherwise you will become a zombie. Understand?"
Everyone applauded except Deltino who angrily stated "Is my son @KennyWOOT even supposed to see this?"
Ukilledkenny felt offended and sang this phrase.
"If his age is not on the clock, he is ready for the cock. If his age is not on the clock, he is ready for the cock!"
Almost instantly everyone started singing, including KennyWOOT himself. Suddenly this fat, unhygienic man dressed up in an angel suit entered the main building, exhausted of running for the first time in his life. His name was @RavenSnowstorm and he was famous for being a pacifist. Other prostitutes entered, such as @Acheive250 , @thewalkingclementine and of course @CAITT who were also gasping but not from sucking cock.

Everyone rushed outside and saw 2000 tanks outside, each one pointing directly to Ukilledkenny. In the front of the army came Job S Stauffer, dressed in a black uniform with some red on it. He told the leader that he is building a new extermination weapon...nicknamed "Ties That Bind" where a massive saw splits 100 people in half at once. Job then states that he requires some test subjects and asks if he could borrow ALL the prostitutes, and in return everyone gets cake.
"So now Ukilledkenny. Will you accept the deal?"
"Sorry but i am too special for these decisions. Ask Deltino!"

Deltino now has a choice. Does he hand over the lives of many prostitutes in the hands of Job S Stauffer to improve relations and get cake OR does he reject the plan and maybe start a battle with Job S Stauffer and his large tank arsenal. YOU DECIDE:

The End... for now


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