Guardians of the Galaxy - Links to Episode Release Date Discussions + Rules for sharing Videos/LP's

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While waiting for future episodes, we ask that you keep discussion related to release dates/waiting/etc in the threads below, whereas other threads can be used to discuss the game and story.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Episode 1 Release Date Discussion

Episode 2 Release Date Discussion

Episode 3 Release Date Discussion

Episode 4 Release Date Discussion

Episode 5 Release Date Discussion

Notable News Threads


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    Rules for sharing Live Streams/Let's Play videos on the Forums

    • Have prior participation in the community before posting. Users who only sign up to advertise will have their thread locked and YouTube links removed.

    • Users get one collective thread to share videos for each Telltale Season/Miniseries. Each Telltale Episode is to have all videos related to it contained in one single post that can be updated with new videos, excluding special videos like reviews.

    • You can revive your thread from inactivity during a new episode release one time to promote your new videos. Outside of new episode releases, bumping your thread for notable new videos (like alternate choice consequences or reviews) is also okay.

      • If you have a minimum of 1,000 posts and you are making videos specifically for the forum community, this is an exception and you get to freely bump your thread with individual posts for new video uploads.
    • Stay on topic and make genuine posts - posts that just "bump" the topic so a streamer or Let's Player gets more exposure will be deleted.

    • Be careful with spoilers. If video thumbnails have spoilers, use the Flag option (upper right corner of each post) to mark your own posts as Spoilers.

    NOTE for YouTube/Twitch Personalities:

    For self promotion, a blurb describing and linking to your channel in the main post of your thread is allowed. However, Community Members are here for discussion of the Telltale series they are playing; most of them are not interested in external channel events, promotions, etc. Making your thread (or your posts) encourage genuinely interesting discussion among users is a good way to keep your thread active in a way that follows the rules.

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