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:) Quite funny, with (finally) clever riddles and puzzles... a not so easy but interesting game plot... and as for the story... well i wish you would continue to give out more episodes of those two friends with wit and crazy contraptions, as it it is nice to have something to occupy oneself in his sparetime.... I WANT MORE!!!....


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    I came down on the W&G after 3 episodes were out. Someone who read it may remember my lowly post in a really long thread condemning the W&G episodes out till then.

    BUT... I may have to recant that testimony. The last episode was a great way to end the season/series. It took me about as long as any 2 of the other episodes combined, and i replayed it and found things I didn't the first time round. I think that if i had waited till all the episodes were out before playing the whole thing in one go, then i never would have posted the condemnation to begin with.

    Too bad i'm too impatient to wait for all episodes, cause I think other telltale games have the same grander effect when playing all episodes consecutively (think sam&max season 1, which I bought in a boxset after all the episodes were out...good times)
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    I liked the whole series, but the final episode was a real cracker for me. Nicely balanced in every way, with a good storyline to boot. More please...
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    The final episode was a real master piece for me. Great puzzles, great humor! I've really enjoyed it.
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    Today I have finished the last episode. It has been a very funny ride, I have enjoyed the series very much, even more than Sam & Max. Very good graphics, funny stories, wonderful characters, clever puzzles, and awesome animation. I hope Telltale continues the show with a second season. I would buy it the first day!!!! :)
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    I'm downloading #4 right now... I feel like I got my money's worth with #1 but thought #2 and #3 were too easy, albeit thematically fun. Hopefully I too will find redemption in #4. :)
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