We Need To Play Other Characters Besides Star Lord!

Seriously, this is the only actual proper gripe I had about Episode 1, not that I minded playing Quill. Thankfully it looks like going by the blurb for each episode we'll be playing at least some of the time as another character.

Episode 2: Rocket
Episode 3: Gamora
Episode 4: Drax
Episode 5: Groot? (He's at the front of the group anyway)


  • A whole episode as groot?

  • Lol, well they did once have an entire issue of Rocket Raccoon where Groot was narrating a story of one of his past exploits and EVERYONE said 'I am Groot' in various ways. But a sequence could be fun. They would just need some logical inflections in the dialogue choices to suggest if it was a question or said in confusion or anger or something.

    zeke10 posted: »

    A whole episode as groot?

  • It would be nice if each episode had a specific focus on one guardian you play as and depending on your choices as it guardian it affects how they interact with each other.

  • I'm all for it! ;)

    zeke10 posted: »

    A whole episode as groot?

  • "I am groot"

    I'm all for it!

  • I would be laughing my ass off if I got to play as Groot in Episode 5, having Rocket be my translator.
    The Devs would enjoy themselves writing that.

  • For 10-15 mins an episode, sure why not. Seems like fun. I did like how the camera swapped back and forth between the guardians in the Thanos fight, and how they all had their own special ways of dealing with him, but a little more expansion sounds pretty good.

  • well we sorta did played as diff. characters during that fight scene with Thanos. sooooo… :P plus it was kinda cool that we could control those character's fight'n styles and stuff. ^_^

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