Nova Corps?

I know they are called the Nova Corps in everything Guardians but why do they always say 'Nova Core' instead when the characters are speaking


  • DeltinoDeltino Moderator

    It's how the word corps is pronounced. It's one of those words that doesn't sound the way it looks.

  • the p is silent just like the k knife

    Interestingly or not...a corps consists of 20-40 thousand members.

    During WW2 The USA had the following breakdown of Units.

    90 Divisions consisting of 10-15 thousand men each

    that's 30-45 Corps

    Or 20 Field Armies

    or 10 Army Groups

    Of course that's on paper...while they did have 90 divisions they were spread around in as little as a company with platoons forming a perimeter...very rarely did the US commit a full army into any one push until Germany was on the ropes. A total of 16.7 Million Americans fought

    In the former USSR 34 Million fought and close to 11 million died...add in 24 million civilian deaths

    World wide close to 700 million served in WW2 and 72 million died...lil over 10%

    So the moral to the tangent story...lets not have a ww3

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