Did you choose NV or TC?

Did you choose the Nova Corps or The Collector? Why?

I chose the Nova Corps because my Guardians are heroes and not criminals... Most of the time. [insert wink here]

I feel like they've all worked too hard to throw it all away and give it to The Collector. Meh. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.


  • I chose to give it to the Nova Corps. For a few different reasons...

    • They need allies, not money (Sorry Rocket!)
    • That's what Gamora wanted, and even though Rocket is my favorite character, I'd rather Star-Lord be friends with her.
    • You can't trust criminals!
  • I sold Thanos to The Collector without hesitation. To me, giving Thanos's dead body to a person that collects individuals (Sometimes living) and rare, dangerous objects and puts them in a museum is much more interesting an idea then just handing him over to the Nova Corps.

  • Collector! I was torn but only because I knew Gamora would disapprove. XD

    Anyway I was playing Star Lord as a somewhat selfish guy. He's in it for number 1, his team.

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    I chose Nova corp. no rockett science (no pun intended), seeing the movies will tell you, the collectors can be an exotic choice which i often choose, but I know it would end too bad for the team. having a whole galactic police support is always more helpful. though I feel the collectors choice will make more of a fun playthrough and weird. idk.

  • His body would likely be safer with the collector anyway. He's a crazy person with waaay too much money or resources and would treat "his property" extremely well, and keep it pretty well guarded, compared to the bumble fucks that are "Space Police Force #72" who likely stuff it in a box in a building far underground and assume a dead body doesn't need that much protection.

  • Nova Corps

    • Gotta side with Gamora
    • Have a feeling they will be a useful ally
    • Rocket said he might leave anyway
  • Sweet money. If we're splitting up, it's better to close all our debts and cover all our expenses. Plus, I signed a deal to pardon all future crimes, so I don't care about legitimacy of body trading. Also, those cops gave all of us a number of bad times, so screw them.

  • Nova Corp because I'm a shameless goody two-shoes who wants to look good in front of the Space Cops.

  • 1st play thru, i gave thanos to NV, i replayed it again, and this time i gave it to the Collector, but only cuz i want to see what would happen if i did lol XD

  • mostlypoptartsmostlypoptarts ModeratorFormer Telltale Staff

    Nova Corps!

    I'm playing more of the "lovable" side of lovable rogue.

  • I gave Thanos to the Collector because I want to play Peter as an arrogant dickhead towards the beginning and watch as he slowly matures.

  • HiroVoidHiroVoid Moderator

    I went with the Collector. He seems like the type to honor his deals, and he'd probably pay more. If the Nova Corps don't want to help me because I gave his body away after being the ones to kill him in the first place, then screw 'em.

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    I went to the Collector because I thought the crew would go into his building and see a bunch of cool stuff but instead they kinda just stood outside it so I regret it now...

    But then again the Nova Corps can't arrest me, I freed us of all past and future crimes so it's all good.

  • I went with the Nova Corp as I decided that it was more useful to have allies than money. Plus, I usually try to go for the "good moral" choices in Telltale series.

  • I have 2 saves with NC and 2 saves with Collector, but my main save is with NC.

  • NC because that's what Gamora wanted and my Starlord trying to smash.

    Kidding. I'm just incapable of playing anything other than (at worst) Chaotic Good.

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