Playable without prior episodes?

Hi guys

This game looks great - is it playable if you've missed the previous episode/seasons?

I'm sure it'll do a "previously on" style recap, but you can't get earlier episodes so it's this or nothing



  • if you are talking about buying episodes without buying the previous ones then no you have to buy the orevious ones to download the next ones but if you have all episodes and wanted to skip to episodes without playing the previous ones yes you can but it will randomise your choices

  • Tales from the Borderlands only has one Season. Depending on the platform you play the game on, you will be required to purchase - at bare minimum, either the first episode or the entire Season Pass. The base game will contain the first episode of that Season, and the following episodes in that Season are Downloadable Content add-ons.

    You can skip episodes (which will create a save file with randomly generated choices for the previous episodes you did not play), but it is recommended that you play the episodes in order. Telltale's episodes (for their modern choice based games) work like chapters in a novel - you play smaller sections of a story that stretches across the entire Season.

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