Possibilities For Borderlands 3

I like to share some possibilities for the apparent upcoming game, Borderlands 3.

  1. Obviously four new vault hunters.
  2. The prologue set in Sanctuary, with the mission being to help the mystery Eridian to prevent Atena's execution. Janey Springs should play a part in it too.
  3. The mystery Eridian from The Pre-Sequel having a much larger role. Possibly acting as mission control.
  4. Shade will be completely absent, given how his death is determinant.
  5. Some characters that appeared in TftB will appear as NPC's that give out missions. For example, The Stranger will give you a mission that involves collecting most of Gortys' parts.
  6. An explanation to why Claptrap is working as a vault hunter again.
  7. Prosperity Junction, Hollow Point, Old Haven, the Death Rally, the Helios crash site, and/or possibly The Dome appearing as explorable locations.
  8. A side mission that involves finding audio diaries recorded by Vallory. Detailing her backstory, and the events of TftB from her perspective up till summoning the Vault of the Traveler.
  9. An explanation to why the stranger didn't kidnap Sasha.
  10. Possibly a post credits sequence showing the stranger kidnapping Fiona.

That's all I could think of. So what do you think?

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