"Purchased, but not downloaded"

Hey, guys! I recently bought the whole season of Tales from the Borderlands through Playstation Plus for free ( as it's one of the free game in May)

But after I finished Episode 1 and ready to begin Episode 2, the in-game episode menu stated that all the other episodes are "purchased, but not downloaded", and when I try to download it, the Playstation Store state it is installed.

I try to re-install the whole thing but it couldn't work, I am really frustrated right now, do anybody knows how to fix it? Please Help!!


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    Thank you so much!! The problem has been solved !!

    If anyone else encounters the same issues: Go to setting ----> PSN ----> Restore license

    Hope the others won't encounter the same problem as I do!! XD

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    Hope this helps. https://telltale.com/community/discussion/92956/ep-2-on-ps4-purchased-by-not-downloaded

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    Glad to see you fixed you issue :), i am now going to close this thread but leave it in this section in case someone else has the same issue and can read this thread for help.

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