(Doubt) How to know if sasha likes you

I finished the game and i really liked its open end, but i have a doubt, in episode 4 I don't reject to be the president of hyperion and after that, when all the character are together, sasha don't hug rhys. (In episode 3 i give her the flower). That means that now sasha doesn't like rhys or is a detail without importance ?


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    I think it somewhat matters but not to the point that she no longer likes you. Because if you remember before Rhys and Fiona go into the vault portal she asks him what his intentions are with Sasha and you have to option to say he likes her. Even though skeptics may believe this doesn't solve your question, as it doesn't give Sasha a chance to respond (even though it's almost implied she likes Rhys) we just don't know yet where this leads afterwards because we'd need a continuation (Season 2) to find out more. I chose to reject Hyperion and I got the hug, but I think everything else is identical if you gave the flower other than that.

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