Cant connect to servers error

I have already submitted ticket to tech support 4 days ago but haven't heard anything back, so maybe, hopefully someone here can help me.

I am getting the cant login error due to cant connect to telltale servers error message.
also game wont save any progress or files locally

This is what I have done already.

uninstalled, reinstalled game, via steam
deleted reg files
completely disabled antivirus and firewall

also tried installing on roommates computer and it works and connects fine as his computer on windows 10 on same local network.

I did a complete format and reinstall on windows 10 last week with all updates. all other non-telltale games work ok, no other problems.


  • After some more troubleshooting I have discovered;

    Boot windows 10 into safemode with networking, the game can log into servers no problem and works.

    Just did a recent fresh install on windows 10. it only has all the updates for the OS and windows defender, steam, chrome and thats about it.

    The game is added to the windows firewall, however I have disable the firewall and windows defender and still does not work.

  • I've been having trouble too on my Xbox it erased all my choices and replaced them. It won't tell me what my clementine became either

  • Update:

    It looks to be resolved and it may have been an easy fix.

    Email from tech support said to sit at the log in screen for 5 minutes before clicking continue. I did 10 minutes and then clicked in and then tried to log in with no luck.
    I rebooted the computer then tried clicking in without waiting and then poof it started working. I have been in and out of the game several times today and has worked fine since it started letting me in.

    so if anyone having problems like I did, try that too ;)

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