The Plot of Under Pressure Doesn't Make Sense.

So they need to find Nebula...why exactly? To get her to translate the Eternity Forge writing because it's in Kree? The same language Peter blatantly translated last episode to read that cryo terminal in the ship? And why am I making a choice between finding Nebula and getting the Eternity Forge? If Nebula gets the body of Thanos she still can't do anything. She'll want the Forge to bring him back, so logically we would meet her anyway. So what if Nebula knows Kree? She's psychotic, you're telling me you can't find anyone else to translate it for you?
This is so bad it's humorous, I must be missing something.


  • I think I know how to stand up for the plot here. Did they ever say the language Peter read on Hala's ship was ancient Kree? Because they did specifically do say the Forge is in ancient Kree which could be different enough from modern Kree to the point where Peter couldn't read it. And what choice between finding Nebula and getting the Eternity Forge? I thought the choice was between finding Nebula or going with Rocket to Halfworld. We already have the Forge for those choices.

  • I thought (at least in my game) Rocket took the Forge and struck out on his own to go to Halfworld.

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    Okay, so I need to eat my words a bit. It was ancient Kree that she was translating, but they said such in a throwaway line and expected you to have understood that the first time. My points regarding Nebula still stand though. It was a pretty good episode, don't let what I said deter you.

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