Need more Guardians fun?

Finished with Ep 2 and just itching for more? Come find a different kind of immersive experience at Marvel Reborn MUSH. I'm here looking for Guardians enthusiasts who want to try their own take on some of the characters.

For those that aren't familiar, a MUSH is a multiplayer text-based roleplay system. You log into a character, meet other characters and describe the roleplay entirely by text, like shared writing done on the fly. There are tools to create "rooms" for various locations, and an existing network of areas already built by staff and players. You can make friends of other characters and meet them for social RP, create story-based scenes improvisationally, participate in planned events run by other players or staff, or if you're ambitious, create your own storyline and invite other players to join in. This one isn't a competitive MUSH, so the emphasis is on fun and interesting stories rather than "winning".

Marvel Reborn accepts most Marvel characters. It starts off in the main comic book continuity (616), but after Secret Wars there is a twist--some characters start being replaced by alternate versions from other timelines. The bottom line is not only can you play almost any character, but you can play almost any version of any character. Original continuity version, Age of Apocalypse version, MCU version, cartoon version, a version from the universe where everything is shrimp (ok maybe not that one). You may also play original characters from any timeline. The characters' and their associates' confusion in adapting to the occasionally changing personas is part of the theme and an interesting RP hook.

Currently it's lightly populated, but that means lots of featured characters are available on the roster.

Now for the real reason I posted this here: My character is Peter Quill, and I need more Guardians! I have a ship, but no crew! So if you're interested in portraying any of his friends, I hope you'll stop by. But anyone who wants to enjoy an immersive shared-storytelling Marvel experience is welcome. Help us build the community and have epic adventures together!

MUSH website -- a good place to read some logs for examples of the RP.

actual game server:, port 2012

A useful gaming client:
SimpleMU is also out there if you're old school.

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