What does Guardians of the Galaxy do right?

I decided to make one for GotG because it's a nice positive thread and there's more good things to say about Guardians than ANF.

Anyways GotG is a pretty good game, not on par with Tales but still not bad. What do you guys like about it?


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    Even though this is never a real problem and always good, I still need to praise it: The voice actors. Nolan North really breaks away from Nate in this role and gives a good Rocket. I've gotten much more used to Scott Porter as Star-lord, now. Everyone else, while not standing out does do a good job. I didn't really like Yondu's voice all that much, but after replaying the episode and having him stick around with us more, he does a good job.

    • They nailed the familial aspect of the Guardians in episode 1 (at least until you anger someone, like Rocket for instance, wanting to leave).
    • The pacing has been really good so far. Many moments that are action-packed and then others that offer you time to calm down and reflect on previous events.
    • The hubs make a wonderful return. They provide both an area to explore and interact with characters, as well as some nice puzzle moments. They aren't that hard, but it's good enough.
    • So far, the choices and consequences have been handled really well. Especially noticeable in episode 2, there are many extra lines of dialogue you can trigger based on thing said or done, there are great interactions you can make with optional conversations and there are many variations to how an event can play out based on your choices. (I'm talking about the Rocket taking off bit in EP2, finding Nebula from what you chose in EP1's as well as when you go retrieve her... or the slight differences in how to solve the puzzle in the temple, as well.
    • They've really gotten the backstories of the Guardians written down quite well. I've been very intrigued so far about who they were and where they came from before the Guardians... Telltale has made me really care about comic lore, which I don't usually look up all that much.

    Oh yeah, and Drax is a highlight. I really enjoy his presence. He stole the show in the movies and he's doing the same here.

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    • New and Unique features such as Com system,jetboots mode,space battle.
    • Good trailer and In-game music
    • Unique multi character QTE events
    • Thanos's voice
    • Well done flashback sequences (Rocket the best by far)
    • Good job of writing characters back stories
    • Well done hubs
    • Decent episode lengths
    • Great character moments
    • Hubs, lots and lots of hubs
    • Cool in-game mechanics and features
    • Voice acting
  • Nearly everything but the humor. It's sad to see them try so hard to make me laugh just to fail. They're so close too, I can almost see this game getting the same reaction out of me that Tales did.

  • I seem to be the only one who likes the humor.

    • Hubs are back! Though I'd love to explore locations that we previously haven't been to as well, but we still have 3 episodes ahead of us, so that might still change. Definitely step in the right direction.
    • Decent lengths for the episodes. Hopefully it stays that way.
    • The relationships between Guardians has been handled well.
    • Flashbacks were great so far. (unlike certain other TTG series)
    • The jet boots and com are pretty interesting addition.
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    As I've said in other threads, I really adore what they've done with the hubs. New concepts such as being able to fly around, call your teammates over radio, or being able to play the tape deck really help give the game a unique feel among other Telltale series.

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